Thursday, June 21, 2007

The uninvited guest in your home

Imagine if you will that you’re settled in your community in small town America. You live a happy and productive life. God, Fate or whatever has been kind to you. You get on well with your neighbors and there’s a good spirit in the locality. Your children are good, clean kids who don’t mess with drugs and work hard in school. Crime is practically non-existent.

One day, along comes a stranger and moves in across the street. He seems like a regular kind of guy; doesn’t stand out from anyone else and drives a similar car to you. Every weekend in the summer, someone in the street throws a barbecue and good community spirit means everyone gets invited along. You decide to invite the new neighbour. Hey! That’s what we do, isn’t it? Make people feel welcome. “Give the other fellow a hand,” we’re inclined to say, and “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet…”

Anyway, you ask the newcomer (let’s call him ‘Sam’) if he’d like to come to next Sunday’s barbecue at number 1034 or whatever. “Love to!” he says smilingly in reply. And he duly turns up on the appointed day and a good time is had by all.

Sam becomes quite popular in the neighborhood. He’s married to a girl called Esther who sometimes drops by too. They’re both very clever and engaging people who seem to take a genuine interest in the folks around them. The community opens its heart to them and welcomes them as full members.

Now fast-forward a year. Sam and Esther still get invited out every weekend. They’ve more relaxed now and the initial ‘barrier’ such as it was has gone. They continue to be engaging, but there are a few beefs some folks have about Sam’s behavior at times. But apart from cracking crude jokes and occasionally pissing out of sight in the shrubbery when he’s had a few too many beers, there’s not much to find fault with.

Now fast-forward TEN years. Esther left Sam for some other guy. Sam still does the barbecue circuit, but now he basically has to invite himself and just ‘drop by’ unannounced. Sam has changed. He’s not the same guy he was 10 years before. The changes were gradual; insidious, but real. In fact he’s been excluded from the homes of many of the more God-fearing neighbors who simply keep their social activities a secret from him in order to avoid embarrassment. Those that continue to suffer his company do so with much reservation and are always on tenterhooks as to what he might do next.

The transformation in Sam has been striking. He now turns up drunk every time. And unpleasantly drunk at that. He’s constantly coming out with smutty jokes and when he pisses in the shrubs, he’s not that bothered any more who can see. He also makes drunken passes at some of the wives and comes out with lurid remarks in front of their teenage daughters and even younger kids. He borrows money around the place and seldom pays it back. He set up some complex investment scheme and several home-owners who trusted him a few years back lost their shirts. The last straw was when he turned up one time with some porno DVDs and suggested all the women throw their car keys in a bag for a draw.

This final time, Sam got banned from every home in the locality. The neighbours’ tolerance had been pushed a way too far. Smarting from being thus ostracised, he moved away to some other town some miles away and scattered reports coming back suggested he was up to his old tricks over there too, within a very few years of his arrival.

This tale, of course, is an allegory. Sam DOES exist in the US and in quite large numbers, but this story doesn’t concern individuals. It concerns an ENTIRE RACE that dwells among us.
The question is, how many times does someone have to misbehave in your home before you kick them out? And if you DO kick them out, should it or should it not be for keeps? Most folks would probably say, in the above example, kick this guy’s ass out period. He’s too much trouble and just don’t act neighborly. Do you agree? Is that fair? Phaedrus believes it is, yes.

Now this gives rise to a problem. And it’s a serious one indeed. The aforementioned RACE of persons, gentile reader, is the Jew. And ‘our home’ is America. Despite being generously and openly welcomed into more countries and civilizations than any other people in history, the Jew, uniquely, continues to have his butt kicked out of everywhere he tries to settle for any length of time. Every single chance he’s given, he blows. He finds that the welcome extended to him is suddenly disappears when he exposes his TRUE nature, as in the fullness of time he cannot help but do.

The really BIG question is: how many times does this continual cycle of admission, exploitation, expulsion, recrimination and re-admission have to go on for before the decision is taken to NEVER, EVER allow these people another chance and finally say, for all time, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Go! Dwell apart by yourselves, NEVER to return!

Why, uniquely, is the Jew permitted literally endless shots at rehabilitation, at such dreadful cost to the indigenous peoples, when in every single instance bar none he goes back to his bad old ways? Again and again and again, other races have forgiven him, throughout the whole of recorded history, and given him yet another chance. And in every single case, he’s blown it, wrecked the host society, and been kicked out AGAIN. He cannot reform his true nature, that’s clear. It’s in his very DNA. There is no way we should STILL be battling these obnoxious misfits in the 21st Century.

When the forthcoming Storm is over, and if (pray God) we win and take back our country from the claws of the Jew, the biggest problem we’ll have to solve, yet again, is what on earth to do with these wretched criminals, and how to protect the world from any more of their machinations. THAT, dear reader, is the really BIG question. Other civilizations must have striven before to do so, yet failed for reasons unknown. We simply MUST come up with a solution that’s 100% watertight for all time.

Within the last 2,000 years, these extraordinarily unpopular people have been kicked out of over 100 different countries around the world. So they're not much misunderstood and victimized as they would have us believe. They were, in fact, only too WELL understood by the people who saw through them for what they are and booted them out.