Friday, June 15, 2007

Jewish-controlled media: the cancer in our children’s minds

The garbage they spew forth from their manifold media interests is nothing more than “Junk Food for the Soul.”

A constant diet of hamburgers, fries and cola in time will ruin a healthy body. So it is with the constant barrage of filth to which our children are exposed when they watch TV or listen to the radio. Such influences eat away at the mind and soul. Teen magazines encourage girls as young as 12 to have oral sex with older boys. And the accompanying illustrations somehow always seem to feature mixed-race participants. Funny that, don’t you think?
Can you imagine anything so disgusting as this? They actually give tips to young children on how to perform falatio and cunninglingus. Why on earth does my 12 year old girl need to know such things? Again, why does my beautiful 12 year old baby need to know how to suck a black boy’s penis?

Don’t the Jews that own and control these magazines realize that kids need to enjoy their childhoods before being exposed to such graphic adult influences. Don’t give us some bullshit about the content being reader or market-driven. THAT’S A FILTHY LIE! Are you trying to suggest my 12 year old child buys your title to find out how to give some 17 year-old nigger a blow job?!?

You’re sick, evil and twisted. You need to have those titles taken off you before you destroy society completely. And not just your teen magazines, but every other form of media you’ve perverted to pipe your Jewish sewage into virtually every home in America today.

A word to the wise, gentle reader: become Jew-aware. It’ll be the best investment you can ever make for yourself, your friends, your neighbors and your children. Pick up a teen magazine the next time you’re down the store. See what these vile predators are doing to corrupt our children. Verify it for yourself! It’s really no great research effort after all. Then tell your friends and your neighbors about who’s doing this. Who precisely is behind it.

Let us all make a difference by spreading Jew-awareness across America. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re being politically-incorrect, either. Anyone who tells you that has been brainwashed. They need re-educating – and it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Political-Correctness is a Jewish mind-control technique the Jews have come up with to try to shut us up until they can figure out how to dismantle the 1st Amendment.

Do something to help restore the TRUE, original vision of the American Dream and DO IT NOW. Don’t be psychologically-suppressed into the Jews’ favored ‘American Nightmare’ version where your beautiful daughter becomes some “homie’s” drug-addicted “bitch” working the streets to feed his habit as well as her own, all because you were too ‘nice’ to tell the niggers that “hung-out” by your house to GET THE HELL OUT of the neighborhood!

Your child’s future won’t take care of itself in America today. The negative cultural influences from the media are too strong. YOU GOTTA FIGHT TO PROTECT YOUR SEED if you want to see it flourish. That’s the sad truth about where we are at today in this country and where we will be for ever if thinking people like YOU do nothing about it.