Friday, June 15, 2007

A $54 million lawsuit over a missing pair of pants???!?

Phaedrus was trawling through the news channels earlier in the week and came across a report about a man who was suing his dry cleaners for 54 million bucks, just over a pair of pants that went missing. Naturally assuming it was just another Jew on the take – albeit an even greedier specimen than usual – the author of this log was quite astonished to learn that the Plaintiff in question was in fact a Negro Judge!
Are we letting Negroes onto the bench these days? No wonder the country is in a mess. Probably must have got in the door through Affirmative Action or some other such scheme.

Anyway, the dude is serious about trashing this hard-working family’s business just over the loss of his shitty pants. Who the hell does this guy think he is? What the hell is he claiming for that could justly amount to a fraction of this outrageous sum?
Honestly, reader, this country just lurches from bad to worse. Once upon a time it was only the Jews screwing the system but now it seems everyone’s at it. The essential character of any Judge (among other things like proper qualifications and experience) is that he must have a natural sense of Justice and fair play. Clearly this asshole hasn’t. Why then, is he sitting in Court, in a position of authority over other people’s lives? Is he only allowed to try cases involving blacks? Phaedrus very much doubts it.

When his vexatious law suit is thrown out (as is to be hoped and indeed EXPECTED) the cops had better come around and charge him with abusing the legal process; bringing it into disrepute or whatever. And no way on God’s earth should this monkey-spanker ever be allowed to see the inside of a Court again – except as a Defendant to answer the above-proposed charges, of course.