Friday, June 22, 2007

A revolting tale from an English school...

Here’s a story from England to make any decent person’s blood boil. As Phaedrus has stated before many times, the forces of evil that pervade us here in America are also at work in Europe and beyond. It’s a world-wide problem that needs to be tackled NOW as a matter of the utmost urgency.

Horsham in southern England is a respectable little town, much like any mid-western town in the US, in fact. It has a low crime rate and a good standard of living with low unemployment. It is the very soul of ‘Middle England’ you might say.

The task of fighting evil in this town has fallen to a brave little 16 year old girl by the name of Lydia Playfoot who has the misfortune to attend the Millais School in Horsham. The word “misfortune” arises out of the curiously a-moral way in which this school is run. Lydia is one of a small group of pupils at this school who wear a ‘purity ring’ – a discreet symbol, barely noticeable, but with a meaning that stings the Liberals, Libertines and the Jews with the force of holy water on a demon.

The ring (which bears an inscription from the Bible) is an expression of the child’s solemn vow not to indulge in sexual promiscuity and to preserve their virginity until they are married. It’s a Christian concept which has caught on already here in the States, but has only recently found favour in the UK. But it obviously hasn’t found any favour with the principal at Millais who is evidently a disciple of the Jew. He has banned the children from wearing this ring, even though Hindu pupils at this very same school can wear their bangles and Muslims can wear their head-scarves! For some bizarre and unaccountable reason, this Christian child cannot wear her ring. We should be applauding her and children like her and doing everything we can to support them, regardless of our religious affiliations. The world doesn’t need any more abortions or unwanted, unplanned children who we now know grow up to become the next generation of criminals.

Miss Playfoot’s parents have been forced to take the extreme step of pleading her case before England’s supreme court in London; such is the demise of this once-great country. The Jew is hell-bent on wiping out any forces for good on this planet, that much is obvious. Anything that gets in the way of the Jews’ agenda of interbreeding of races and the fostering of social chaos must be stamped out. One can only hope that the highest judges of England will see sense and affirm this girl’s right to express her sincerely held view that (contrary to what the Jewish media unceasingly tells our kids) sexual promiscuity all too often ends in tears – and frequently a damn sight worse.

Anyhow, the asshole that runs this school is a Jew (no surprise here, folks) by the name of Leon Nettley. His can be contacted on his email here:

Drop him a line and let him know what you think.