Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guess who's pushing Affirmative Action most vigorously?

The white man has become the whipping boy of the Negro. It is sad but true. The Jews have used their immense media influence to give the Negro an illusory status. The black is given certain privileges in preference to the white man, mainly in order to stimulate antipathy and chaos in society. The same applies with the recent sudden explosion in Mexican immigrants. The rights of the newcomer are typically set above those of the indigenous people. One has to ask WHY - and is there some ulterior motive in this apparent madness?

We all know blacks are hopeless at everything except flipping burgers and cleaning toilets, so what is the reason behind the Jews’ thrusting into prominence of this lowly race of malcontents? In Phaedrus’ view, it is principally to stimulate tension between the whites and blacks with the intention of creating a smokescreen of distraction behind which the Jew can continue his most outrageous meddling unnoticed. It’s a favorite trick of the Jew to try to interpose ‘the more noticeable minorities’ between himself and the broad mass of normal, decent people. Blacks are perfect for this purpose. They’re stupid, easily manipulated, greedy and have been given the sense that they’re ENTITLED to some payback due to the slave trade and whatever else you got. They’ll happily grab all they can get.

Imagine you have two dogs, one big and one small. You shower attention on the little dog at the expense of the larger dog. This creates a sense of unfairness on the part of the larger dog and leads to tension and aggression between the two. If one continues to shower affection on the smaller, less able dog at the expense of the former, more able, then problems are bound to result from the perceived sense of gross unfairness. This is exactly what the Jews are doing, on purpose, with their media interests when they promote the interests of the blacks, refugees and immigrants above those of the white folks who built this country.

Far too many people are lacking insight and not realizing there’s an agenda at work here. The Negro alone is too stupid to be a danger to the civilized world. Yet he gets all the exposure. Without the support and assistance of The Jew, however, the Negro would never have attained the platform and privileges that he currently enjoys. The Jew itself, on the other hand, is unbelievably devious and determined in the ruthless pursuit of its aims and will use any Machiavellian scheme it can dream up – no matter how distasteful or unfair - to further its long-cherished dream of world domination.

Next time we see some dirty, race-traitor whore like Christina Aguilera cavorting about half-naked with a bunch of ghetto-apes on prime-time TV, let’s remember WHO EXACTLY produced the show and gave it air time. The REAL culprit for this despicable state of affairs are the Jews who are forcing this filth down our throats; encouraging vulnerable young white girls to have sexual relations with Negroes - and that it’s a perfectly normal thing to do! Naturally this outrages anyone with a shred of morality left in their being and generates the hatred between blacks and whites that the Jew feels he needs to shelter behind in order to work-on unimpeded.
There's yet another good reason to ensure Jews are kicked out of media.