Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Men’s Lifestyle Magazines and Suicide – a possible link?

Prior to 1985, the concept of lifestyle magazines aimed at young men was regarded by many (including Phaedrus) as a complete non-starter. Though women’s magazines have been around for decades, it was felt that men were somehow different or indifferent even, and a market for magazines aimed at men simply didn’t exist at all. Phaedrus himself conceived the worldwide market for men’s lifestyle magazines could only amount to one or maybe two titles at most. It was something of a surprise, therefore, when men’s magazines took off in such a big way!
But the advent of young men’s lifestyle magazines has come at a price. The content of these rags has mirrored that of young women’s magazines in making young men insecure and unsatisfied about themselves and their self-image. They have engendered pressures where none existed before. Young men are now more insecure and self-critical than they have ever been. They have (like young women) been set impossible standards to live up to. And the result has been a dramatic increase in suicides among young men in the target age-range of these publications. The correlation is most striking, in fact.
It seems that every aspect of the media in whatever form when controlled by Jews is injurious in one way or another to our young people. It is for this reason that Phaedrus set out earlier in this log that Jews should be banned from ALL forms of media participation. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can look forward to a return to a more normal, healthy society - and a huge reduction in violent crime of ALL kinds.