Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton – she WAS too good for jail, after all!

Well, she told us she was too special to go to prison and now she’s proved it! No doubt by now she’s also fully loaded on whatever her particular poison is.
Seriously, however, this decision is totally unjustifiable on any grounds. No matter what the problem could possibly have been, no one, repeat NO ONE walks away from jail just like that.
Hilton and other bimbos of her ilk are worthless pieces of shit, basically. Phaedrus is at a complete loss to know what exactly they’re good for and why they attract such unwarranted interest.
The real victim here is the reputation of the Justice System. Seriously it was a really, really BAD decision. It is likely to be seized upon by Negro pressure groups who have persistently claimed that their people are unfairly imprisoned on more occasions and for longer terms than whites are. It is SUCH a conspicuous case of privileged treatment that the reputation of the justice department (already battered from earlier cases of bias) will be terminally wounded – certainly in the eyes of the ‘minorities’ in any event. Is it worth taking such a HUGE hit just to save this bitch’s ass from a couple of weeks in the pen? No way, baby.
It is to be hoped this CRAZY decision will be reversed and a full inquiry made into the matter. It rather begs the question of how many other cases get quietly dropped in a similar way before they get anywhere near as far as Hilton’s did…