Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our government’s 9/11 terror attack against us

The most outrageous attack the Jews and their accomplices in the US government have yet directed against us is now exposed for anyone with internet access to verify for themselves.

The entire world is now waking up to what REALLY happened on that fateful day of carnage, misery and death. It was far too ambitious a plot to successfully carry out without leaving some tell-tale mistakes. This is after all, the age of 24hr TV, CCTV, mobile phone cameras and the omnipotent Internet. The evil-doers behind this outrage bit off more than they could chew that day. Hubris from previous operations got the better of them. Now, however, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Bush and his Jewish cronies will be in the dock when Civil War II breaks out and their vile, anti-American/pro Israeli activities are exposed, and full public awareness arises of how three-and-a-half thousand of our own people were killed, on purpose, on one single day solely for the benefit of Zionist Israel.

Jews and politicians (and in particular Jewish politicians) lie. They lie for breakfast, dinner and tea. The Jews control virtually ALL of the media. So IF there’s a cover-up over 9/11 – AND THERE IS - you can guess who’s facilitating it. The biggest give-away to the whole affair is the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7 which wasn’t hit by any plane or debris or fuel! What are we supposed to conclude? That it simply fell down out of sympathy with the Twin Towers? For further details on the deliberate, controlled demolition of all three towers, see which provides an excellent analysis of what really happened to Tower 7.

Three-and-a-half-thousand of our citizens were killed by Bush and his Jewish co-conspirators that day simply in order to galvanize hatred against Iraq and justify the invasion on the grounds that the country posed a real threat to America. But the truth is it didn’t and it NEVER did. That’s what subsequent evidence has established beyond all question. Iraq could only ever have threatened ISRAEL; the spiritual home of the venomous tribe of rodents that control our country today.

Likewise in Britain, Tony “good friend of Israel” Blair sold the idea of an invasion to the British people by claiming that Saddam could attack “British Interests” - the British Army base on Cyprus within 45 minutes.
Why on earth would Saddam have wanted to do that? What would such an attack have achieved – even if it had succeeded? In fact the real cause of concern was, once again the likelihood of an Iraqi attack on ISRAEL, which was indeed a legitimate target for Saddam. But to get support for the war in Britain, Blair LIED and LIED and LIED by falsely claiming British interests were directly threatened.

In both cases, had the people of Britain and America known that the real reason for the Iraq war was Israel, and that their young service persons’ lives were to be sacrificed to Jewish interests, they would NEVER have sanctioned the war. Hence the slide into deceit on the part of these so-called ‘world leaders.’

For this reason the necessity to bring them to trial for War Crimes is paramount. There is no more serious error a leader can make than to take his country to war over a false premise. That alone would constitute a monumental blunder. But what Bush did following 9/11 was horrifyingly worse. He was not acting in good faith and in America’s interest when he went to war. The proof for this assertion is provided by the tell-tale fall of Tower 7. It was clearly expected to have been struck by a plane that morning, but it wasn’t! However, once Thermite (see starts burning, it cannot be extinguished and Tower 7 appeared to collapse 5 hours later for no particular reason! Hence the up-until-now inexplicable media blackout over it.

9/11 was 50% an ISRAELI FALSE FLAG OPERATION, carried out with the complicity, approval, assistance and foreknowledge of our President. It is now obvious that our government KNEW the towers were to be hit by Islamic terrorists on that morning and not only did they do NOTHING to prevent it, but they GUARANTEED its outstanding success by engineering the controlled demolition of all three towers. This requires accurate advance-notice of the date and time of the strike – knowledge the CIA must have had.

Pity (for Bush and the Jews) about Tower 7’s attack plane not turning up, though. But for that little detail they might have gotten away with it. The Thermite around the structural steel supports of Tower 7 (which was placed by agents in the pay of Israel with Bush’s full permission) couldn’t be extinguished once set on fire and this horrible embarrassing give-away has resulted. How awful. But for the Internet, the Jew-controlled media’s monopoly on news would have ensured the collapse of Tower 7 would be quietly forgotten.

Our government is WAY beyond the people’s control. It has been for decades. Democracy here is dead. 9/11 is the ultimate expression of this perversion we continue to live under. This situation cannot be allowed to go on. The charges against Bush and his co-conspirators over what happened that day simply MUST NOT be allowed to pass unanswered.