Friday, June 8, 2007

One country with 3 names: Israel, the United States and Britain

Democracy is the instrument by which the Jews have taken over the US and the UK and created puppet governments ultimately controlled from Israel.
We can logically infer this state of affairs from the fact that the interests of Zion are now put well ahead of the wishes and interests of the indigenous peoples of these two once-great countries. For example in America, the elections of last year sent a clear signal to Washington that the American people wanted their troops OUT of Iraq. That wish was very publicly cast aside and as we all know, our so-called ‘President’ ordered an INCREASE in the number of service persons to be sent to the region. This, sadly, is ‘democracy’ in action in the 21st Century.
The wishes of the electorate can now be openly swept aside on the orders of the few with more influence on our great and glorious Leader than the bulk of us enjoy.
Likewise in Britain, the resources that were pledged toward health care and education were diverted to fund Blair’s contribution to the war in Iraq. Those billions have been squandered on protecting the Jews of Israel from some imaginary threat from Saddam Hussein. The threat turned out to be as empty as Blair’s assurances that British interests in the region could be attacked within 45 minutes. Again and again and again we see the interests of the Jews in America and Britain being put above the interests of our own people.
Bush and Blair talk endlessly about “protecting the public” but in truth it’s simply an overly-used sound-bite endlessly parroted as an euphamism to excuse the progressive stripping away of our old, hard-fought rights, protections and freedoms.
The Jews know all too well that in a democracy, the voters need to be INFORMED to make the decision about precisely who to elect. Since very, very few voters ever get to know their politicians personally, they have to rely entirely on how the candidates come across in the newspapers, radio and television. The problem here is that the media is nowhere near independent. 96% of it is either owned or controlled (or both) by Jews! Ninety-Six percent!!
Most folk have no idea whatsoever of the extent of Jewish control in our Western media and the uses to which it is put. To control the media, as the Jews undeniably do, is to control WHO gets elected and consequently WHO gets to run the country concerned.
This is why Bush is so keen to lecture Russia on ‘democracy’ and is forever berating the country for “backsliding” on democratic reforms. The Jews would desperately like to control Russia (not simply for its seat on the UN Security Council, but so they can continue to rape it of its huge mineral wealth as well).
Israel wants to install it’s chosen man, the Jew Gary Kasparov (the former world chess grand master) as Russia’s President. But Putin is not making it easy for them. He knows that full democracy in Russia would result in the country being bled to death by Jews in as little as 20 years. Putin has done an excellent Job in Russia. The people are happy with him. Happier than they’ve been for many years. The last thing Russia needs is a Jew and his cronies at the helm, siphoning-off billions and billions of dollars into their offshore bank accounts.
When Bush and Blair push for greater ‘democracy’ in Russia, they are in essence pleading on behalf of the Jew. Please don’t let us be fooled by this bullshit.
How Russia runs itself is a matter solely for Russia – and none of our goddamned business here in the West.