Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The next Stock Market Crash and how to avoid it

The Jews’ obsession with stock market coverage through their media outlets appears unmistakably intended to encourage investment in equities by the gullible masses, regardless of their investment expertise. The intention has always been to suck in the broad populous. The Jews’ blanket control of the media, gives them the perfect position from which to move markets and engineer a stock market crash, after which they can buy back valuable businesses for peanuts and finalize their grasp of remaining Western assets.

When the time comes, they will arrange for their cronies in Israel to (just for example) attack Iran so as to move the markets in the appropriate way. This can be done in any one of a myriad of ways, not only with equities, but bonds and commodities as well. They won’t all move in the same direction, but the Jew will know in which direction each WILL move and can pre-configure his position accordingly.

One can make money out of both market rises and market falls if one is accurately pre-informed. Ownership of the media and the financial media in particular facilitates this wonderfully.

Israel attacks Iran: Stocks fall; gold rises. There’s a US-Russia deal over those missiles; the reverse applies. Market behavior in all events can be accurately predicted provided one has fore-knowledge. Given the inseparable closeness between Israel and their brethren running the Western media, a concerted raid on the world’s stock markets seems only a matter of time. Making money out of such privileged information is of course forbidden by law - but only in theory, it appears. The suspiciously tiny number of convictions against market riggers and insider dealers over the last 10 years well attests to that. Though illegal, the enforcement of insider dealing laws is virtually non-existent! And we all know who benefits from such unaccountable laxness.

The best advice Phaedrus can give is to steer WELL clear of conventional investments and anything equity-linked in particular until the Jews have been removed from their positions of power and influence. That, of course, will take nothing short of a bloody revolution. In the mean time (which will hopefully not be too much longer) steer clear of equities. Equities are the main vehicle by which the Jew sucks vast sums from individual investors AND pooled investment funds.

The Jew Murdoch is aiming to take over the Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal (as if he didn't have enough newspapers) That would give him massive influence over our perception of the financial markets. Phaedrus has come to the conclusion that the really Big Jews closest to Murdoch are setting us up for a fall - a BIG fall. It may be greater than that of October 1929 even, but the recovery period should be somewhat shorter. Nevertheless, the smart money should stick with other forms of investment until the stranglehold of the Jews has been prized from the markets and the media.