Friday, June 1, 2007

Alan Johnston: BBC forced to tell the truth – almost!

As predicted by Phaedrus earlier in this log, there has indeed been much behind the scenes negotiation between Johnston’s kidnappers, the British exterior ministry and the BBC. The claims that the BBC had heard nothing whatsoever from the group who kidnapped its Gaza reporter are now exposed as nothing more than yet another LIE.
Today, the BBC World TV channel (a pro-Jewish offshoot of the Jew-riddled BBC operating out of London) showed a video clip of Johnston from his confinement finally going some way to reporting the REAL situation in Gaza and pointing the finger at the those responsible: Britain, Israel and the US. Curiously enough, though, not a single mention of the word “Jew” in the entire the clip they screened! A somewhat remarkable omission under the circumstances, given that the root cause of all the suffering in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East is the presence of the Jew in the region and the fact that Israel is, of course, a Jewish entity and that both Britain and America are controlled by Jews. But the tape shown has been censored by the BBC, which has refused to play at least one section of it. One has to trawl through on-line links to find the original unedited version. Guess which word appears in the original and yet not in the BBC version…?