Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Television: the Devil in the Corner

Watching TV makes you stupid! That’s a fact. And it has evolved that way over the past 50 years for the benefit of those who would control us; our eternal enemy: the Jew. Prisoners in jail are given TVs as a ‘privilege’ no less! The fact that many of them are there in the first place as a consequence of watching garbage TV and succumbing to its influences is conveniently forgotten!
When prisoners were denied TV sets, as they were in Britain until relatively recently, they emerged from the experience better people. For the first time, many of them had no choice but to learn to read – and they duly did so. Perhaps a little too much for comfort, it seems. They were forced to educate themselves and they became aware of the cultural influences around them and how they came to offend and wind up in jail in the first place.
Phaedrus will spell it out here: they offended in the first place because a significant proportion of people (those predisposed to criminality) can’t handle TV and movie drama. Some folks can’t differentiate real life from what they see on the screen, and are heavily influenced by it. Particularly in the case of young males, stylised violence as portrayed in such films as Reservoir Dogs and Clockwork Orange has a big impact. But that, after all, is what the Jews want; they want to screw-up society and having prisoners come out from their confinement having worked out what’s REALLY going on was just a bit too scary. Hence the introduction of TV sets into British prison cells. No more of that troublesome reading, then. Don’t want it putting ideas in their heads. TV will do precisely that, of course, but the content is all carefully Jew-controlled. Not just TV, but radio as well - and in fact, all media interests the Jews control (some 96% of outlets in the USA, according to Jew Watch (www.jewwatch.com). But why would the Jews wish to make the populous stupid? The answer is, as you may by now have guessed, is to make their takeover of what remains of the West as yet outside their grasp, a very much simpler matter. Intellectuals have always been feared by any totalitarian power. They have invariably been top of the list of persons to be rounded up and arrested or otherwise detained to better facilitate the control of the country concerned. Liberal TV media and intellectualism are mutually incompatible. Television in its present form rots the mind, the body and the soul of a nation, and that’s precisely what the Jews want.