Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy birthday from Israel!

Source: BBC World:

“A British soldier fatally injured by a roadside bomb in southern Iraq died today on his 24th birthday. Corporal John Rigby of the 4th Battalion the Rifles has now died from his injuries after Friday morning’s attack….”

Phaedrus accordingly sends his condolences to Corporal Rigby’s parents, who will no doubt one day awake to the fact that (like thousands of our own soldiers) their son died not knowing that he was in fact in the service of ISRAEL as opposed to that of Great Britain (or in our case the United States.)

How many more of our young people’s lives must be sacrificed for the Jew before the public wakes up to the fact that we are sending the prime of our youth to be slaughtered thousands of miles away in foreign lands solely to assuage the groundless fears of the retched inhabitants of the illegal pseudo-state of Israel?

Let’s get this message out there to our people: our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East are not fighting for Uncle Sam and the Stars and Stripes. They are laying down their lives for the Jews of Israel and OUR TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENT IS SENDING THEM TO THEIR DEATHS IN FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THIS – and concealing this fundamental Truth from our people.