Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial to Naked Jewish Greed

Phaedrus has recently returned from a 6day fact-finding tour of the major European countries (more of which in later entries) and is able to report from first-hand experience that the problems facing us in America in 2007 are exactly the same as those contemporaneously facing Europe.
For example, take Berlin’s ‘Holocaust memorial.’ There are certain things about this monstrosity that simply do not add up! Unless, of course, one is schooled in the ways of the Jew. So what exactly stinks here? Let’s examine this blatant Jewish land-grab point by point:

1.It consists of over 2,000 abstract stone monoliths that signify nothing.

2.It’s VAST and covers the area of around six football fields.

3. It is situated on prime real-estate development land in the most expensive part
of Berlin midway between the city’s two most expensive hotels, the Ritz
Carlton and the Adlon (where Michael Jackson nearly dropped his baby from
the balcony to a certain death but sadly – for the child’s sake - failed).

3.Though its original inception was as a Holocaust memorial, on
which basis planning approval and the grant of the land for free was obtained,
it has since strangely morphed into the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of
Europe” as it is now officially known – thereby excluding from remembrance
the other victims of the Holocaust: the gypsies, communists, lesbians,
homosexuals, Slavs etc., etc.

Germany is the world’s most brow-beaten country over its past. Though other countries within living memory have committed far worse atrocities than the much-hyped “Holocaust” they have moved on without so much as a second glance at their historical felonies. Japan springs to mind as a prime example here, but there are innumerable others. Germany, however, is different. It seems trapped in the past, is riddled with negative self-examination, and unable to move on and the Jews have exploited this sense of guilt ruthlessly (as one would indeed expect of them).

Let’s go a bit deeper into the aforementioned points concerning this memorial and see what transpires…

1.The stones are of high quality, well-cut and would be ideal for the construction of a prestigious development on that site. They are already in situ and would only require placement. The ‘Memorial’ as it stands conveys no meaning whatsoever of the much-reported suffering of the Jews. What a missed opportunity, huh?

2.The site is truly enormous by any definition and is of sufficient size to accommodate the most ambitious prestige commercial building project, which Phaedrus believes it one day surely will.

3.The location of the site of this “Memorial” is PRECISELY on the most expensive area of real estate of this entire capitol city. The plot ALONE is currently valued at some 2bn Euros or $2.7bn. Not only that, but it is located opposite a large, public park known as the Tiergarden, which is protected from building development for the enjoyment of the people of Berlin. This park is even larger than the “Memorial” plot by a factor of 10 or more. It is Berlin’s Central Park if you will. It is where this so-called “Memorial” SHOULD logically have been sited, especially in view of its huge size and it would have been readily accommodated there. But instead the Jews insisted on their eyesore being laid out on prime building land. The reason is simple and very Jewi$h: the site is worth $2.7bn where it now lies; had it been erected on the other side of the road in the Tiergarden where development is prohibited, it would be worth approximately $0.00.

4.By excluding the other victims of the “Holocaust” the Jews have basically
reserved the value of the site to themselves exclusively. When the time comes
and the land they have conned out of the angst-ridden, guilt-laden citizens of
Berlin comes up for sale, as it inevitably will at some point, they won’t have
to share a single bean of its eventual sale price with any other interest group!

Not all the Germans of the late 1930s and early1940s were true Nazis by any means; certainly only a minority were. And no country on Earth has gone further than Germany in making reparations for its past. But the entire nation is being ripped-off right, left and center by the utterly ruthless Jewish parasite that steadfastly refuses to forgive and forget - and knows a soft touch when it sees one. This eyesore, this so-called “Memorial” amounts to nothing more than an outstanding example of the naked greed of Germany’s Jews.


Anonymous said...

Modern day Germany should no longer shoulder the responsibility and guilt for what happened over 60 years ago.

I for one, am sick of the Jews invoking the memory of the Holocaust and crying anti-semetism everytime they are the subject of criticism.

In the light of what has happened to the financial systems of the world and what has happened in Palestine, Gaza in particular, I say "let him who is without sin cast the first stone"

TitusFlavius said...

It is past time for the German people to get up off their knees and stop kissing Jew ---.The modern day Germans have NOTHING to do with whatever might have happened six decades ago. The only NAZI like state on Earth today is Israel. It now has its own Fuhrer in Netanyahu, Lieberman is the new Heydrich and it comes complete with its own Swastika in the Star of David. Israel knows how to Blitzkreig a defenselss people as well as anyone. So, the German people today owe Jews and Israel NOTHING.
Their socalled "holocaust" is more a "hollow cause". It is primarily a way to bleed tribute (money) out of European pockets. These sick people still hold a grudge over some Pharoah's supposed mistreatment over three thousand years ago...they should get over it.
The German People should reconnect with their historic greatness and nobility and refuse to continue bearing some false guilt.

Anonymous said...

The holocuast is such a dispicable lie.
No one wants to talk about the 60 million people that the Jewish run communist goverment of the Soviet Union put to death at places like Kolyma, Magadan, and Solovetsky islands.
Its about time that the Germanic peoples rise up and demand the revision of history and take there pride back.

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