Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shyster Jewish Lawyers picking clean yet another corpse

There's something of a feeding frenzy on-going over the 10 year probate machinations of J. Howard Marshall’s estate. The deceased billionaire first came to public prominence when he married gold-digging 'supermodel' and 'Playboy Playmate' Anna Nicole Smith. Smith must have thought all her Christmases had come at once when the octogenarian dropped dead a short time later. Sadly for her, it was not to be. 10 years on, Smith herself is dead and the probate has still not been settled.

Phaedrus was once a victim of this protracted Jewish fraud. In the final analysis, nothing whatsoever was left. Everything had been devoured by New York’s Jew-shyster lawyers. The carcass had been picked clean. The law in New York (as in other states) permits shyster lawyers to draw payments from a deceased's estate each time they periodically examine it - which they naturally do regularly until there's nothing left. And the relatives and other beneficiaries can all go hang. This was one of the defining moments of Phaedrus’ awareness of the Jewish problem and a major foundation for the assertion that Jews must be excluded for all time from positions of public trust and influence.