Friday, June 15, 2007

The United States: the Most Hated Country in the World

All thanks to our illustrious leader and his devastating series of foreign policy blunders, that’s what we’ve become. Currently in 2007, Americans are at greater risk of attack than ever before in our history, both at home and abroad. We are seen to be at one with and indistinguishable from the murderous, malicious and vindictive regime of Israel.

We continue to deny it, but we routinely torture people. So we can SAY we don’t, though, we fly suspects to Poland or Syria and Morocco well out of sight and do those foul deeds there. But everyone around the world now knows all about it, to our very great shame. Yet has Bush put a stop to this odious and thoroughly reprehensible practice? No.

Remember when you used to be able to go abroad and feel PROUD to be an American? Remember how foreigners would regard you with almost a degree of awe? That’s all now history. That once-great aura has been smashed by Bush and his Jewish Neocon cronies. These days, unless we’re in Britain, we’re inclined – and ONLY if asked – to mumble diffidently that we’re Canadian. Such is the stigma that Bush has made of being a US citizen in the 21st Century.

We have lost all the moral high ground; regard and respect that were once our most valuable assets have vanished; squandered on an illegal war we cannot and will not win. We can no longer lecture other countries on human rights; they’d laugh in our face. And can we blame them? No.

Phaedrus can never remember a government in this country as sick in the mind and soul as the current one. It seems whatever Israel wants, Israel gets; more so than ever before if that’s possible. The sense of injustice our pandering to the interests of the Jew generates has never been greater, not just in the Middle East, but around the entire world than it is today.

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