Tuesday, June 19, 2007

London black youth: BBC won’t desist!

Brixton is an area of South Central London in England, with a large black population chiefly comprising second and third generation immigrants from the West Indies, many of whom have not well integrated into British society and suffer from high rates of mental illnesses; principally of the psychotic kind, but not by any means as one might expect, entirely due to drug abuse. It is a high crime area with many “one-parent families” (white women with fatherless, half-caste kids) poor housing stock, a sky-high high crime rate and poorly performing local schools.

In spite of these problems, some local black community leaders are determined to work against the tide of poverty and despair. They have a successful newspaper aimed specifically at London blacks called The Voice. And it’s surprisingly well written and of high journalistic integrity.

About 15 years ago, the founders of The Voice began to notice a correlation between black-on-black/black-on-white crime and the emergence of “hip-hop” culture in the UK. They also noted how many young black kids were adversely affected by the ugly sentiments that pervade rap music and how they acted out these anti-social influences by way of street crime and anti-authority behavior in school. The principal conduit for these negative influences was then, and remains today, the BBC, who for some reason se fit to barrage black and white teenagers alike with anti-social messages through their program content. The Voice responded by pleading with the BBC to stop these broadcasts that were leading their youth astray. They pleaded and pleaded and pleaded; all to no avail. The BBC didn’t listen. Rather, they installed a whigger DJ by the name of Tim Westwood and began a new radio station aimed solely at London’s young blacks named “1Xtra” the content of which was 100% hard-core ‘rap music’ or ‘hip-hop’ if you prefer (not that any sane person would) with no censorship of the most bestial of lyrics that encourage the wildest forms of aberrant behavior. The lyrics of some of these ‘songs’ have to be heard to be believed. And it’s a painful learning experience indeed. They plumb the darkest depths of depravity with their exhortations to rape “bitches” or to “tax whores” - or to rob banks, steal cars and take drugs. All the essential elements, in fact, to destroy the already fragile fabric of society and any remnants of respect for others. Talk about pouring gasoline on the fire! It seems odd that this kind of filth is effectively forced down the throat of young people with no regard (at best) for its consequences, whereas to even so much as whisper the word “Jew” or "nigger"- even out of ANY context - is in Britain today subject to the gravest finger-wagging by the forces of political-correctness - and possible criminal sanction to boot under Britain's so-called "hate laws" which are being rolled out throughout all the Jew-controlled nations of the European Union.

The giveaway that this agenda is something rather more spiteful and malicious than innocent, screwball Liberalism arises from the curious fact that the aforementioned whigger DJ Westwood's show is on Saturday evenings on the BBC's mainstream radio channel, Radio 1, NOT on 1Xtra as one would have thought. Radio 1 is supposed to be a mass-appeal pop music station catering for everyone under 50 - and it WAS until a few years ago. Now there's a radio channel for nigger music in the form of 1Xtra, so why continue to play the worst form of anti-social garbage nigger shit on the mainstream station - if not to ensure there's no getting away from the influences of Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent?

But that is the BBC for you. It was long ago infiltrated by Jews at every level and now they infest it entirely and this is the result. The one-time Gold Standard of
broadcasting has become just another conduit by which Jewish-approved poison can be spewed at the general population. And you know what really stinks? The BBC is SUPPOSED to be a public service broadcaster and for its first 5 decades it was. But now no longer. Yet this organization is STILL funded by license-payers. Everyone in the UK who has a TV has to pay around $260 a year to the Jews’ BBC even if they don't watch ANY of its crappy channels! Not only are they obliged to prop this monstrosity up with hard cash, but they can and are sent to prison if they refuse! Yes, imprisoned!! Incredible but true. And predictably, of course, nothing ever gets done about it and every year the program content lurches further down the sewer. Everything the Jew gains control of he wrecks. It is one of the inviolable laws of this world that they should do so. It’s in their very DNA. They simply can’t help it.