Monday, June 25, 2007

Racism is Good For You – unless of course you’re Black!

Contrary to what the Jew-riddled media never tires of telling us, racism is actually highly beneficial to the advancement of mankind – provided you’re not a Negro, of course!

The more we discriminate, the better it turns out to be for our children’s future lives, studies suggest.

Nationalism is a powerful force for good, but tribalism provides the very best controls over which potential partners your kids might mix your genes with. And Tribalism is how us white folks got to where we were up until the middle of the last century: on the top of the pile! Now it is important not to confuse white tribalism (which was a civilizing and positively-shaping force) with the kind of tribalism we see today in Africa. The two are not comparable at all. Africans have given tribalism a dreadfully bad image, along with everything else they’re associated with.

In pre-historic times, if some ghetto ape came knuckle-dragging itself up to your beautiful little fair-skinned 14-year-old daughter in an attempt to impregnate her with its inferior seed, you were in a position to spot this approach from a mile away and drive the beast off before any damage was done. This kept the blood-line pure and ensured that no junk DNA got into the tribal gene pool. Additionally, there were no bars, discotheques or night clubs in those times so there was nowhere for our kids to go where the tribe couldn’t keep a close watch over them.

This is all terribly politically-incorrect nowadays, of course, but the endlessly-conniving Jew had not yet devised the dangerous and nonsensical concept of political-correctness. Today, you’re morally obliged to prostitute your daughter to some 300lb black gorilla, or else risk arrest for racial discrimination. Having avoided these queer and unnatural notions for most of our evolution, we’ve thrived above everyone else on the planet. Until relatively recently, that is…

Contrast the former golden era with today then, gentle reader, when the Jew-controlled media encourages our beautiful children to go off with Negroes and ruin our families futures by spewing out half-caste, fatherless offspring that typically grow up to become the next generation of drug-pushers, rapists and bank-robbers. Today, we no longer have 24hr control over who approaches our kids. We no longer control their environment. They can go elsewhere outside the home, to other neighborhoods where they become subject to foreign, negative and potentially harmful forces.

The consequences for society as a whole have been devastating. No matter how scrupulously WE as parents bring up our OWN kids, they remain forever at risk of violent assault or murder or robbery from children of families that were less diligent about how they raised their kids. Many so-called parents today find it all too easy to simply abandon their kids in front of the TV to keep them entertained and the damage is slowly but surely done.