Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to destroy the Constitution

There have been dark mutterings recently in the corridors of power that suggest a union of the three countries of Canada, the US and Mexico is likely to be proposed at some point. This fits in perfectly with the Jews' on-going aim of creating ever larger blocs around the world with the intention of eventually merging them into one, thereby succeeding in their long held dream of One World Government in which no dissenting voices will be heard and there will be no hiding place for free-thinkers.

The interesting thing to note about this process is that a union between Mexico, Canada and the US would of course require the scrapping of our existing Constitution and the drafting of a new one. In one easy swipe, the Jews will be able to axe those pesky 1st and 2nd Amendments that have been giving them so many sleepless nights. It would be a master stoke if they could pull it off. And just think about that huge pool of cheap Mexican labor for their businesses and factories.

But of course, our wonderful President will tell us not to worry. The general principles of the Constitution will be retained in the new (Jew-drafted) one. But that'll be just another lie – albeit one with the most far-reaching consequences imaginable.

Phaedrus confidently predicts that the right to free speech will suddenly no longer be quite so free. There will be a few exceptions (all in the interest of peace, harmony and racial tolerance, of course, that only the KKK and the skinheads could reasonably object to. "Let's get rid of that ugly language. It only generates Hate." And the broad mass of our people will, sadly, probably just nod their dumb heads in agreement. Unless of course, they're briefed otherwise. And that is OUR job here on the Net.