Monday, July 2, 2007

How to win back our country from the claws of the Jew

In preparation for the forthcoming civil war to eject our illegal government and take back our country in accordance with our Constitutional rights, there is some groundwork we should at once undertake in order to ensure the success of our aim with minimum loss of life to all true Americans.

We will, of course when the time comes, be confronted by the men and women of our own armed forces, whose job they believe it is to defend Washington and the status quo. The more we can educate these people in advance about how our country has been stolen from us by foreign interests, the less resistance we shall face and our numbers will be swelled by those among them who have open minds and are true patriots. This should amount to the vast majority of our servicemen and women.

One thing we have on our side is Right. We are true Americans who passionately believe in the Constitution. Our fellow countrymen under arms in the service of what they believe to be America feel the same as we do at heart. They are likewise passionate about defending America and American values. It is simply that they do not realize that their loyalties have been hijacked by our so-called ‘leaders.’

Most of them would join with us in a split second if they were made aware of how this once-great country is being exploited and manipulated by Israel for its own ends with Bush’s blessing, and the flag they are fighting under is not in fact the Stars and Stripes, but the Star of David. We need to get the message across to them that democracy in the US is long dead and if they fight against us, their fellow countrymen, they are in fact fighting for Israel. If we can get this simple yet vital message across to them, then our march to the Whitehouse should be a cakewalk.

We need to persuade them to join with us. How may this be accomplished? Because we have Right on our side and they are basically the same as us at heart, all we have to do is convince them that our government is a foreign agent and enemy of the American people. If we can get this message across to them successfully, then the job is two-thirds done.

How then, to get the message across? There are many ways. On the most basic level, we can simply talk to them one-on-one. This requires no resources and can be surprisingly effective. If we know any police officers or service personnel in our own neighborhoods, we can approach them directly and explain to them that the situation is out of control and things MUST change. They may shrug their shoulders and say “you may be right, but what can I do?” That’s good, because they’re now aware if they weren’t before. That’s all that matters at this stage. We must, however, back our argument with hard evidence about 9/11 which proves beyond doubt that our government is our enemy. Pass these people a card with a website URL such as and secure their promise that they will visit the site and assess the evidence for themselves.

Just talking to people in bars and clubs is very fruitful. Phaedrus himself has converted over 60 people just by this simple word of mouth method AND, more importantly, secured their promises in turn to each take the message on to 2 further people. Just 2. And each of THEM takes the message to 2 more and so on. Once presented with the evidence, the change in people’s attitudes is quite astonishing. Initially one is often regarded as some kind of conspiracy nut. It takes a few sessions with the average Joe to get them to take you seriously. But when they finally do, whoa boy!! It’s the most satisfying thing one can do, creating evangelists for our cause.

The internet! Yes, it’s a great tool for disseminating uncensored information world-wide. Use the internet in any which way you can to spread the truth about the crooks on Capitol Hill and how they’ve stolen America. Get blogging, start your own website, make video clips and upload them to video-sharing sites. Keep the message simple, but keep drumming it in over and over and over again. Keep reposting the videos; keep thinking up new angles on the problem. Get you ideas from what you read in the Jew-controlled media and from other bloggers. The sources are practically limitless.

Leaflet drops. Do you know anyone with a small plane or a helicopter, perhaps? If not you can hire one complete with pilot for just one or two hours at most. Get ten or twenty thousand leaflets printed up. Volume printers will do this for you very cheaply. They don’t have to be big. Little more than the size of a business card perhaps. Again, a very simple message such as:


[then underneath a list of no more than 6 of the very best web sites you know of that concisely explain the problem]

Take your sacks of leaflets with you and go for a spin over your nearest decent-sized city, tossing out handfuls over the most populated areas. Spreading the truth in this practical way is truly invigorating and the sense of satisfaction one gets is utterly overwhelming!

Alternatively, get stickers printed up in a similar fashion and wherever you go, peel one off and tack it to any suitable surface where others will see it. Preferably on the mass public transit system where large volumes of people pass by; lifts, escalators, staircases etc.

Put a card in your car’s rear window with the same simple message. Wherever you go, the message is carried and it won’t cost you a dime.

Promotional companies can be very useful. Have your local promo-shop print a couple of hundred balloons, get yourself a helium cylinder from the same shop or via E-bay and spend an enjoyable afternoon in the park inflating and releasing the balloons (or simply giving them away to the local kids). Keep the message very simple with balloons, as there isn’t much space. “America’s Been Stolen” and just ONE web URL, for example.

Near the coasts, you’ll find plenty of small businesses who’ll trail advertising banners from light aircraft over the beaches and boardwalks on sunny weekends. Again, a simple message and one single URL will suffice. It really isn’t that expensive. The alternative – doing nothing – on the other hand is NOT an option.

In fact your local small promo companies will have all sorts of additional ideas you might use to get the message over in your particular neck of the woods. Talk to these guys and see what they can come up with. It doesn’t cost much and in any event, isn’t an America freed from Jewish control worth it?

These guys can no doubt also arrange for you to have some T-shirts printed up. “America’s Broke – Ask Me Why” is guaranteed to get you some questions when you wear it out. Then you can let rip. Phaedrus strongly suggests you lead-off with the 9/11 scam. That outrage is the incontrovertible proof that our government will stop at nothing to further the interests of its Jewish paymasters. Begin with the mysterious demise of Tower 7 and tell ‘em straight that that is just the tip of a very large and very ugly iceberg. The fact is that America’s been taken over by Israel. So tell everyone! Washington is run from Tel Aviv and has been for years. Don’t spend more than 5 minutes with each person. Give them a URL for further info and move on.

In all these instances, keep in mind that both the pointers to the web pages and the contents of the web pages must be short and memorable. Working people like you and me are busy. Their free time is valuable to them. Don’t drag them into fine detail. Keep the message concise, pithy and powerful. Take a tip from those who know: the Jewish advertising agencies who’ve discovered that you gotta awaken their initial interest in less than 10 seconds. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from having pointers for further, more detailed info on the web sites concerned, but the essence of your message in the FIRST instance must be ONE page maximum.

Though the mainstream media is 96% controlled by Jews, there are still plenty of ways we can get the message out there for ourselves. Phaedrus trusts you’ve found the foregoing suggestions of value and will implement one or more of them as a matter of the utmost urgency. Together we can bring America home again.