Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Quick Peek into the Future

Remember long ago in those far off days of the 1960s, the then civil rights movement in America, comprising blacks and Liberal whites? All they were seeking, they said, was equality. They just wanted the black man to be treated the same as the white. They didn’t want any more segregation. They wanted us all to live together in harmony with no one being discriminated against on account of their color.

How times have changed! After a long, hard slog, these people eventually got their way. There is no segregation any more; hasn’t been for decades. Labor laws ensure blacks don’t get rejected from good job opportunities and much else besides. But you know what? It turns out equality wasn’t good enough after all! Since they won it they’ve been bashing whites for enhanced status with “positive discrimination initiatives” like Affirmative Action and such like. And it hasn’t stopped there! They can call us whatever names they like with impunity but we can’t do likewise. They have their own black ‘music’ stations and black ‘award ceremonies’ and so forth – but we dare not even CONSIDER such a provocative concept ourselves. In so many ways today, WE have become the oppressed.

We good-naturedly trusted them when they said all they wanted was equality. Back then there was no reason to suppose otherwise. But NOW we know that all along all they really wanted to was subjugate us. And the process is still on-going! If you try to visualize how things will develop in this manner and at this speed, it’s quite easy to see a future in which mixed relationships are not only the norm, but if your white and you’re NOT in one, you’ll be tarred with the ‘racist’ brush and spat upon in the street. Continue to follow your conscience and a few years later, if you still haven’t yielded to this Jewish Brave New World, they’ll be calling you and your kids downright evil; Fascists and Nazis. Think this is an exaggeration? It’s simply no more than the trend of the last 40 years predicts. We need to wake up to this government-sanctioned form of ‘eugenics’ BEFORE IT WIPES US OUT!