Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Britain's new Jewish Foreign Secretary wastes no time!

Britain’s new Foreign Minister, David Miliband, is a Jew. And he’s wasted no time in placating his masters in Tel Aviv by kicking out 4 Russian diplomats from London. The pretext being that Russia won’t extradite the prime suspect in the notorious London Polonium poisoning case were a slimy quisling who betrayed Russia to the Jews unsurprisingly met a sticky end.

The expulsion of the diplomats on this pretext is just Miliband’s way of reassuring Israel that he’s one of their own, as anyone who hopes to get on in politics in Britain or the US must do if they are to succeed. There will of course be a quid-pro-quo, however. Phaedrus believes that Miliband is positioning himself as Britain’s Labour Party’s next leader. By establishing his loyalty to Israel, he hopes to get favorable coverage for his bid in the British media, which like our own, is controlled by the Jews. Sadly, it’s all too likely that this scheme will work. We’ve seen it all before in America, have we not?