Monday, July 16, 2007

Exporting Our Broken Democracy

Whenever ‘our’ President keeps ramming home a particular message, one has to ask oneself if there isn’t some cherished goal of the Jewish Agenda being advanced. It’s horrible to be so suspicious of a person in whom one should have absolute, unquestioning trust, but sadly that is today’s reality. Only gullible fools believe otherwise.

So it is with the evangelistic trumpeting of democracy and the pressure from the White House to see its implementation around the world. What’s in it for us to tell other countries how they should be run? What gives us the right to preach to foreigners how they should or should not govern their respective peoples?

Another “good friend of Israel” and former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher gave a simple and compelling answer to these pertinent questions back in the 1980s. She said, “because democracies don’t go to war.” Wow, what a blatant LIE that turned out to be! But at the time, it seemed a plausible reason. A lot has changed in the last 20 years, however.

Yet still the calls from Capitol Hill for greater democracy world-wide are undiminished. So what’s the REAL purpose of ‘our’ government wanting to see democracy spread far and wide? The answer lies with our old friends the Jews. The Jew has been remarkably successful in subverting democracy for his own purposes. Many Western democracies, including our own here in the US, are under Jewish control.

In a democracy, the people elect their rulers. 95% of voters are Gentiles. So at first sight it doesn’t look like democracy would favor the Jew, but on closer examination, it becomes all too apparent. The voters need to know what each candidate stands for and what kind of person he or she is in order to make an informed choice. Vanishingly few voters know the candidates personally, so have to rely exclusively on what can be gleaned about them via the media. This makes the media extraordinarily powerful.

Therein lies the problem. Everything we THINK we know about our leaders is conveyed to us by the media. The people who seek to govern us might be absolutely corrupt despots, but we’d never know if the TV, radio, magazines and newspapers didn’t tell us. But we can rely on the media to be broadly honest, can’t we? After all, there are SO many TV channels, radio stations, magazines and newspapers that SOME of them must be reliable and trustworthy, surely?

Incredibly, the answer is no. Though we have the IMPRESSION of a thriving free press with lots of conflicting points of view, this is no more than an illusion. The reason being that 96% of all media in the West is owned and/or controlled by Jews. The extent of their media interests is nothing short of jaw-dropping. This blanket control of TV, press and radio gives the Jew unprecedented power as a public opinion-former. In essence, no one gets elected without the approval of the Jews. That’s what the situation boils down to.

It is by this means, then, that the Jews seek to extend their sphere of influence world-wide. Democracy is the chosen vehicle with which the Jews know they can impose their twisted world view beyond the borders of Israel. The sort of leader who would most benefit America, who would put America first and defend the Constitution would never be acceptable to the Jews. Media coverage of such a candidate would inevitably be negative. They would never be elected.

In essence, then, we don’t actually have democracy here in the US, because democracy requires a fully-informed electorate. The electorate here and in many other countries where the Jew has similar power, are not being fully-informed. Not even remotely. Rather, they are being grossly misled. What our countries really need is what terrifies the Jew most: a patriotic, right-wing strongman that doesn’t take any shit from them. He won’t arise through democracy, though. Perhaps we need another way forward…