Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Church needs to speak out for once!

It is becoming very tiresome to see so many public love-in sessions between religious leaders of different faiths. Phaedrus has grown tired and disillusioned over the conduct of our Christian churchmen in America today. The same sort of TV snippets appear from Europe as well and are similarly mass-circulated: Anglican and Catholic ministers holding hands, all-smiles with Muslim Imams and senior Rabbis, emphasizing the importance of Faith and the basic underlying unity of all religions. Yeah, right. If we buy into that lie then God help us all.

It’s high time our Christian leaders ditched this phony ecumenical bullshit and spoke out about the terrible menace posed by World Jewry and the fact that the Jews are hell-bent on destroying Western civilization by warping our minds like suicidal lemmings to abandon everything that made our culture the greatest in world history and embrace in its place garbage pseudo-culture, vacuous 24hr TV., fragmented families, racial interbreeding, chaos and endless wars.

The Jews are INTENTIONALLY out to destroy Christianity along with everything European of value. It’s what they spend half their time doing via their all-pervasive media outlets. Churchmen, if you don’t fight back and speak out against these abuses – and as religious leaders on religious matters you can’t justifiably be accused of political-incorrectness – then you’ll be wiped out along with the rest of us. And the US and Europe will be the 21st Century’s Sodom and Gomorra.

Jesus said of the Jews that they were of their father: the Devil. So why not repeat His message today? That's what you're supposed to be here for, isn't it? Or have you TOO taken the Jews' 30 pieces of silver?