Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Zimabwe - an example to America

It was inevitable, really. Ever since white rule ended in Rhodesia (as the country was called back then) the path to ruination was opened. The destruction didn't come right away, however. For a while, even under its new black leadership, the country continued to thrive. But it was only a matter of time before things inevitably took a turn for the worst. The author of this country's demise is the Negro despot Robert Mugabe. Following in the long tradition of black African dictators, the list of bungled policy implementations from this particular specimen of the primate kingdom is far too long to be afforded examination here. Suffice it to say that African blacks have no concept whatsoever of good governance and their rule is invariably characterized by stupifying incompetence and corruption - and all too often very much worse besides.

But to be perfectly fair, the blacks of Zimbabwe were only reclaiming their own land from the white man, as has happened in the Republic of South Africa rather more recently. Again, the damage to RSA will come too, but at least the blacks in both countries are running things - however badly - for themselves. Their competence to do so is secondary to the fact that they've successfully reclaimed it from the whites. Nevertheless, the Negro is a "negative asset" to ANY country.

Imagine, then, how successful we could be here once again in America, if we could recover OUR country from the Negro and his 'friend' the Jew. After all, it IS our country, so why shouldn't we kick these foreigners out and take it back for ourselves? It seems to be the only black-set example worth following. And when the indiginous peoples of southern Africa did it, the world lauded them for their courage and persistence. We should likewise be praised in this, our identical endeavor, too.