Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lord Black: the Jew guilty of fraud

Yes, it’s true. The so-called “Lord Black” has been convicted of fraud and Obstruction of Justice in Chicago after a lengthy trial that saw him acquitted of the more serious offense of racketeering.

Conrad Black, a Canadian born Jew, headed a large media empire (typical Jew) that owned many well-known international titles via its holding company, Hollinger International. Black basically pulled a typical Jewish trick by milking the stockholders’ equity for his own benefit. Both he and his wife had insatiable spending habits (again typically Jewish) at the expense of the trusting Gentile stockholders whose cash they wantonly filched. (disinvest in equities now!! See an earlier post!)

The last really big Jewish media baron to face such charges was Robert Maxwell (dubbed the “Bouncing Check” – meaning his IOUs weren’t worth shit) in 1991 after defrauding British Mirror Group Newspaper old-age-pensioners out of their life savings. Maxwell finally did the decent thing and flung his fat, worthless ass overboard from his enormous luxury yacht the Lady Gislaine (Jewish name – of one of his daughters), thereby saving the British taxpayer the expense of a lengthy and embarrassing (for the Jews) criminal trial. Will Black be as considerate in his Appeal to the US Supreme Court? Phaedrus doubts it.

One warning sign in this process is that the Jew Black will not be sentenced until the very end of November. That should give his Jewish legal team plenty of time to throw some wrenches into the works. This Jew, who could have faced over a hundred years in the Slammer, may yet not serve a single day!

The Law, it seems, is applied differently between Gentiles and Jews. There are TWO standards. Let’s see if they are applied in this fashion on the 30th November. But no doubt we’re all expected to forget every salient detail of this case by then. Phaedrus won’t forget, however. Will it be a replay of the Scooter Libby fiasco? Time will tell.