Friday, July 20, 2007

Jews launch yet another proxy attack against Russia

Our very own obedient little Jewess and “good friend of Israel,” Condoleeza Rice, has joined the call to support Israel’s interests over and above Britain’s in the increasingly long-running Russian spy saga. As Phaedrus has reported here before on many occasions,
Russia is once again an object of desire for the envious eyes of Israel. It transpires that Russia’s Jewish Robber Barons – the so-called “Oligarchs” of the early 1990s - didn’t QUITE strip Russia’s carcass clean first time around. So they want a second helping!

The Ethiopian Jewess, Rice in Washington has backed the calls from her counterpart-Jew David Miliband in London to isolate Russia internationally. Most of the Jew-controlled EU states have dutifully echoed this stance against the world’s only remaining untouchable white-nationalist, democratically-elected country in which Jews, Negroes or other grubby malcontents and spongers are neither desired nor welcomed!

Israel views Russia through fearful eyes as a loose cannon on the world stage. Israel is both furious AND confounded by the fact that Russia continues to resolutely rebuff all overtures from would-be Jewish “businessmen”, “newspaper proprietors”, “bankers”, “TV moguls” and “politicians.” Consequently, the Western media wants us to see Russia as it once was back in the Cold War – simply because it won’t advance Israel’s plans towards the New World Order.

White Nationalists here in the West need to drastically revise our World-View of today’s Russia. It is nothing remotely like the place it was for most of the 20th Century. Communism is history. Private enterprise, property ownership, and laws that respect and enforce these concepts are constantly being introduced, reinforced, and refined. The Jewish media is burying this fact, but Russia today expands and nurtures the rights of its true Patriots – in stark contrast to the constant attacks ‘our’ government makes on OURS here.

Let us recognize this demonization of Russia for what it is: a dirty Jewish smear campaign. Please let us not back Rice or anyone else from ‘our’ government in any escalatory measures against this ONE remaining, independent, fearless, white-nationalist state. There may come a time when if we should lose the forthcoming war to oust the Zionist Occupational Government (heaven forfend) we may need a refuge such as White Russia in which to regroup, re-grow and draw up fresh plans to take back our country.

Incredibly to those of us who are older, since the recent dawn of the 21st Century, Russia has become the new Beacon of Liberty in the only world of real value: a Jew, Greaseball and Negro-free one.