Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jew Boris Berezovsky up to his old tricks

Notorious Russian-Jew Boris Berezovsky is now wanted in BRASIL of all places for the same old thing (theft/fraud). No doubt his powerful friends in his current hideout in London (from where he has been planning the Israeli-backed overthrow of democratic Russia) will block his extradition yet again. Last time it was of course Russia who requested his sorry ass be returned for trial. Boris Berezovsky is the poisonous little worm that was described by his one-time (also Jewish) friend, George Soros, as the “evil genius who destroyed Russia” – see previous entries. That, of course, was AFTER he and five Jewish cronies raped Russia of what he believed was its entire oil and gas wealth, yet BEFORE he discovered he’d cashed in his chips too soon and became hell-bent on coming back to steal the rest. Boris Berezovsky is a thorn in the side of decent people everywhere. He should be taken out to lunch and treated to a little sprinkle of Polonium 210. Russia and the West could then breath a little more easily with one less greedy, Jewish warmonger to worry about.