Monday, July 16, 2007

Now Immigration Amnesty proposals in UK!

Whaddya know? We have a strange coincidence with Britain!
Source: BBC World:
“Call for immigrant amnesty in the UK.
Half a million illegal immigrants should be given the right to stay in Britain, a think tank has said.. The Institute for Public Policy Research says such an amnesty would bring in 1bn pounds ($2bn) in extra taxes, and save costs of 4.7bn pounds (nearly $10bn dollars) need to deport people. [ are you serious???]
It is urging Home Secretary [interior minister] Jacqui Smith to adopt the move, saying a large scale deportation would never happen.
The Home Office said an amnesty was unnecessary and would create ‘a strong pull for waves of illegal immigration.’”

There is CURIOUSLY ENOUGH also a similar move afoot in Germany too. Now what are the odds on a simply coincidental, contemporaneous assault on American, British and German nationhood in one single month?? And where the hell has the figure of $10bn come from for Chrissakes??