Monday, July 2, 2007

An important message for Israel

Don’t you DARE try to drag us into a war with Iran. Are you murderous bastards never satisfied? Don’t drag us down to your level with your insatiable thirst for blood. We are a peaceful people who but for your endless interference would keep ourselves to ourselves and live in peace with the world. Fight these enemies of yours for yourselves. You made enemies out of them, so why expect us to always pitch in every time and save your sorry asses? All the children in Israel aren’t worth the loss of one more American life. We pay you bastards $4bn a year to prop up your rotten, criminal pseudo-state and it’s still not enough for you. You have put to slaughter the cream of American youth in fighting your phony, artificially-created and unnecessary wars

War without end is the way of the Jew, not the way of the Gentile.