Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Genital Mutilation of a Child Should Warrant at Least 14 Years' Imprisonment

It is heartening to learn that the Metropolitan Police in London are taking a hard line against the African 'religious practice' known as 'female circumcision' in which Negroes living in Britain cut off part (or sometimes all) of the external sexual genitalia of female children. Any assault on the vulnerable whether young or old should rightly be regarded with the utmost seriousness. But the mystery here is: why is the protection of the law only being afforded to females? Are the Metropolitan Police unaware of the fact that an almost identical and equally odious act is carried on in the name of religion by Jews against male babies? How can it be so that the police are unaware of this - for unaware they must surely be or else they would be guilty of discrimination! It CANNOT be right for girls ONLY to enjoy the protection of the law.

Sexual mutilation of any kind against any non-consenting person, of any age - let alone a child - should be SEVERELY punished by a hefty term of imprisonment - and no parole. The freedom to practice one's religion doesn't properly alter the equation in any way whatsoever; it is nothing less than a vicious assault against the weak and defenseless. Phaedrus calls for ALL such practices to be stopped AT ONCE and any person discovered to be continuing them TO BE JAILED FOR A MINIMUM TERM OF FOURTEEN YEARS.