Friday, July 20, 2007


Britain’s one-time flagship broadcaster, the BBC, has slid even further down the greasy pole (if that’s possible) following a new series of revelations that its managers diverted huge sums raised by viewers towards popular children’s charities during nationwide TV spectaculars into the pockets of senior-level Jews; who despite being already very well paid, obviously felt more deserving or needy than the goyim waifs and strays to whom the monies were rightly intended to go.

This Jew-infested public Corporation is already funded by an extortionate $240 per year COMPULSORY fee from EVERY household in the country with a TV. (And even if these poor souls are wise enough NEVER to watch the Leftist/Internationalist garbage it continuously pumps out they STILL have to pay for it - or else face prison!!)

The BBC is currently refusing to name or even number the parasites involved in these frauds, and is temporarily suspending them on full pay for the time being. The scams typically involve creating fictional competition winners, smilingly announced simply as (for example) “David from Exeter!” whereupon all the gullible contestants would conveniently (for the scammers) simply shrug their shoulders and hope for better luck next time. No one ever thought to question the trusty BBC if such a person REALLY existed!

Britain’s independent TV sector is similarly infested with Jews (just as here in the US) but the scams operate somewhat differently – typically involving sums raised from the masses dialing premium rate phone numbers to take part in TV quizzes, reality or talent shows where the outcomes have ALREADY been decided and callers in truth don’t have a prayer of winning a dime. In every case, however, there’s a Jew prostrate at the end of the line with cupped hands – as those of us who are Jew-aware would not be the least surprised to learn.

Just a few more very good reasons, in Phaedrus’ view, to dispense with the mind-rotting, soul-destroying, socially-corrosive Jew-Tube altogether. TV rots the mind; old books on the other hand feed it.