Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The You-Tube/CNN Democratic Candidate Debate

The Democratic hopefuls for the Presidential nomination appeared on CNN for a ‘grilling’ on their thoughts and policies by members of the great American public who had submitted home video clips to the notorious video-sharing web site. Predictably there were the usual fruit cakes in fancy dress asking dumb questions, but naturally these were only shown to CNN’s TV audience for entertainment purposes in advance and not put to the candidates on the big day.

However, there was quite a lot else that wasn’t put to the candidates, either. Like questions surrounding our unhealthily close relationship with Israel and anything encroaching on the politically-sensitive question of the extent of Jewish influence in the government, the judiciary and the media. Probably the most important questions of all mysteriously went not only unanswered, but also un-put!

Yet CNN had the audacity to describe the exercise as the “public setting the agenda” for the first time. Yeah, right. The “agenda” that was finally served up was double-filtered to ensure its accordance with Jewish interests. Both Jew-Tube and CNN are Zionist-run entities and strangers to the truth. So once again we have the APPEARANCE of a balanced debate where the full spectrum of public concerns are aired, whereas in truth, it was nothing of the sort. Hopefully as time moves on, more and more folks will see through this kind of stunt for exactly what it is and get their opinions informed elsewhere.