Saturday, July 14, 2007

Britain signals a new foreign policy direction

Gordon Brown (Tony Blair’s long-awaited replacement) has changed the official Line: his new spokesman’s speech in front of the Jew-dominated Council on Foreign Relations must have gone down like a stale pork pie at a Scooter Libby Fund-raiser. Brown’s envoy, Douglas Alexander, signaled a change in the slavish support for Semite-American interests in the Middle East by emphasizing the greatness of civilizations which bring peace and build, rather than those (of the previous century’s) whose influence was measured by how much they could destroy. Since the Jews are always telling us to “modernize!” it will be interesting to see if they themselves modernize to embrace Britain’s new leader’s plans. Modernization suited them no end under their “good friend” Tony Blair. Let’s see if the same rules apply now they no longer so much favor the Jews.

The day after Alexander’s speech, another close Brownite and member of the British House of Lords said it was inappropriate for Britain and America to be “joined at the hip” – further signaling some distance entering the “special relationship.” Oh what wouldn’t we give to hear our wannabe Presidential hopefuls proclaiming the severance of our own “special relationship” with the illegal pseudo-state of Israel…