Monday, July 2, 2007

A final solution to the Jewish problem?

Phaedrus has been much preoccupied with striving to find a peaceful and permanent solution to the Jewish Problem. Many sleepless nights have resulted. The Problem appears utterly intractable. When one considers the obscenely long list of places the Jews have been expelled from in the course of recorded history, it seems a hopeless dream that we could ever conceive of a final and lasting solution. Each time the Jew has been kicked out of a country, he has invariably returned in greater strength. Today, the Jew enjoys more power in the world than ever before.

Nothing seems to be effective in protecting us from the predations of this reptile. Little short of wiping them out completely by brute force would guarantee a permanent end to this plague on mankind. But as Phaedrus has stated before, violence only begats violence so whilst others would no doubt happily implement this ultimate solution to the Problem, Phaedrus in all conscience could not.

Proposals are periodically made about banning the Jews from certain professions and ownership of the media. Phaedrus himself has toyed with this idea in an earlier article. However, one has to ask oneself the obvious question. Has it not been tried before and failed? Since the Jew has been kicked out of 109 different places in the last 1,750 years and yet remains more powerful than ever, aren’t such measures invariably doomed to fail in the long term? It is evident that in a relatively short space of time, in every single case, the Jew was able to wriggle his way out of these constraints and promptly returned to his bad old ways.

Such is the situation we find ourselves in today. Jewish control over our government, our judiciary and legislature; our radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, the banking system and God knows what else, is total. This is the point that historically presages another pogrom. It seems an unending cycle. The Jews get to point of ruining and corrupting everything (at immense cost to the rest of us) whereupon decent folks finally decide to kick them out (yet again). But no matter, they always come back! Always! No matter what one does, the cycle has NEVER been broken. The situation appears hopeless.

But now Phaedrus believes that there IS a solution which is both peaceful AND permanent. It would not involve the killing of a single Jew. What is this panacea? Compulsory sterilization, no less. The next time (now imminent) that we’re once again in control and have these vermin on the ropes, we should instigate a world-wide program of compulsory sterilization for the entire race: men, women and children. Within a few generations, the problem would be permanently ended without recourse to violence. If the Jew were honest with himself, he would probably admit that this is in the best interests of the whole of mankind, himself included. His unhappy race has never fitted in, never tried to, and has only ever been a thorn in the side of everyone else.

We have DNA technology now that can identify those among us with the relevant genes, and those persons should be put under the knife for the quick, painless procedure that guarantees a better world for everyone within a few short generations from now. During this period of decline of Jewish numbers, however, it would still be necessary to bar the Jew from involvement in certain professions and areas of public life. Given the short time-scale of their final demise, however, this would prove to be realistically enforceable. And during this golden age, they would have to wear the yarmulke at all times in public if they wish to enjoy legal protection from physical attack by patriots.

There will no doubt be many that will be outraged and see this as just another form of genocide, but it is in truth far more civilized than what the Jews are currently encouraging white people to do. For it is an undeniable fact that the Jew is using his all-encompassing media interests to promote the idea that interbreeding between races is natural and ‘the way to go’ whereas all of us in the know are only too well aware that this is just a deliberate mechanism for destroying, weakening and obliterating the white race. The Jew is trying to destroy us in the most disgusting, a-moral fashion. WE, on the other hand, are noble enough to let this rodent die-out pure and undiluted.

Phaedrus concludes this effective and non-violent way of dealing with the Jewish problem is the best way forward for the whole of mankind, Jews included, and this proposal is hereby released onto the Internet for wider public discussion…