Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Creating Common Enemies

There is an increasing amount of material appearing on the Web concerning the events of 11th September 2001. Anything that spreads awareness of our corrupt government’s complicity in this outrage is to be welcomed, although some commentators, either through ignorance or design, are trying to suggest that the motivation behind the attacks was purely financial. The usual suspect most frequently identified in this respect is a character called Larry Silverstein, a rich Jew who took over the lease on the WTC buildings shortly before the explosive charges were planted in the buildings by persons as yet unknown. Silverstein is reported to have made a $500m profit from his subsequent insurance claim for the loss of the Towers.

Though it is hardly surprising that such a person would miss out on the opportunity of making a killing (appropriate term under the circumstances) from this crime, anyone who believes that this alone explains the attacks must quite frankly need their head examining. These commentators expect readers to swallow this lie, in the same way many have swallowed the lie that the Iraq invasion was all about getting control of that country’s oil.

In both these instances, nothing could be further from the truth and these misleading statements are simply red herrings to distract attention from the REAL reason we have become embroiled in these horrors: the preservation of Israel.

Israel is afraid. It’s an illegal pseudo-state surrounded by potential enemies. Its appalling treatment of the Palestinians fuels anger and resentment against it. Without the backing of the US, Britain, and various other countries Israel now controls, it would be seriously under threat. So the Jews of Tel Aviv have sought to bring about a situation in which we feel that we in the West, together with Israel, share a common enemy in Islamic terrorism. This reason alone is what gave rise to the specter of 9/11. We were expected to be so utterly outraged at the destruction in New York that we’d nuke every enemy of Israel we could find and thereby do the Jews’ job for them, for Jews don’t like fighting their own battles. Goyim lives are far cheaper than Jewish lives: the Talmud says so.

So we saw THE most INCREDIBLE display of Jewish cunning in execution on that fateful morning and were it not for the inquiring minds of a few enlightened folks who smelled a rat, they’d probably have gotten away with it. But no longer. It was expecting too much to be able to pull off a monumental set-piece like that without something going wrong and exposing the whole thing for the brutal, savage, murderous con-trick it was.

There is now a mountain of evidence to prove that the attacks were carried out by Israeli agents with the foreknowledge and approval of ‘our’ government. The biggest red flag to give away the true nature of this operation was the remarkable fall of Tower 7 which wasn’t hit by anything but ‘decided’ to collapse anyway (out of sympathy for the Twin Towers, perhaps) and the fact that its unaccountable destruction has been obliterated from public minds by a complete media blackout.

9/11 was an Israeli false flag operation designed to draw America into a war with Israel’s enemies. Sure, Silverstein made a lot of money out of his foreknowledge, but that was NOT the motive behind the operation. It was all about the preservation of Israel; no more and no less than that. Currently, only some 45% of Americans suspect ‘our’ government’s involvement in the attacks, but that number is steadily rising, thanks entirely to the Internet. The word isn’t spreading through the mainstream media, though. But since that’s 96% controlled by Jews, we shouldn’t be too surprised. So much for the ‘Free Press.’