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White Relationships

Phaedrus came upon this essay on News from the West and it merits republishing here as the author obviously has a keen grasp on what is wrong in Western society today. In fact I believe it goes a long way to explaining the surge in suicides among young white men in the 80s and 90s. Enjoy...

White Relationships
By Joseph Bishop

White men and women today, instead of loving and helping each other

towards a positive racial future, are often instead deeply suspicious of

each other, alienated from each other, even sometimes ‘at war with’ each

other. These attitudes and trends lead to the smashup of white

marriages, the disintegration of white families, and the prevention of the

formation of long-term and serious relationships, marriage, and large

white families.

What drives this? A major cause is Jewish feminism, which in

quasi-Marxist terms promotes gender division as a sort of modified class

division. It falsely posits a ‘victim class’ - women - struggling to free

itself from the ‘oppressor class’ - men - and teaches that marriage and

family are forms of slavery to women. It additionally teaches that

sexuality is for pleasure and not for responsible procreation, and that love

and romance are tools used by the oppressor class to fixate and entrap


The very idea of the traditional healthy white family unit of man,

woman, and their biological offspring, living under one roof and in

harmony, sharing life and its toils and joys together, pooling skills and

dividing responsibilities for the greater good of the unit, is a nightmare

vision to feminists. ANY other reality is preferable to them.

Men and women alike are taught to pursue money and to work relentlessly

to increase their material assets. Personal relationships are thought

to get in the way of this, to block the acquisition of money and toys.

This is materialism as self-indulgence. It is the Jewish way, not

the way of white people. It reflects a Judeocentric culture projecting

its anti-values upon the host population.

Women are today taught to not allow themselves to become dependent

upon men financially or emotionally. To strive to be ‘independent’ and

‘strong’ and to emotionally separate themselves from men. Thus many

otherwise healthy and promising white relationships often dissolve into

nothing. They are simply poisoned by these types of evils.

Another problem is that of personal over-valuation, the egotistic

belief that one gender is a sort of ‘gift’ to the other, and must be ‘paid

for’ or otherwise compensated massively. Beautiful women often pursue

wholly unrealistic goals for life companionship, thinking themselves

‘worth millions’ and snubbing any man not measuring up. Even unattractive

white women from the lower end of our gene pool embrace unrealistic

levels of self-esteem and make unreasonable demands or embrace absurd


‘Security’ was once thought to be well represented in the form of men

of good character, good protectors as well as providers, men who stayed

with their women to conceive and raise many children. This has been

replaced today with the equation of security with money. That the

greater the accumulation of money or earning power of a man, the greater

his worth. This has resulted, for example, in the sorry match-ups of many

genetically valuable white women with Jewish men who make their

millions through lying, thievery, manipulating stocks and bonds, who enrich

themselves through lives that are merely predatory and exploitive.

The result of these matchups are not the conception of new Michelangelos,

Shakespeares, Nietzsches, or Goethes, but more Milkens, Ginzburgs,

Fagins, and other race pollution.

Mass media in all its forms encourages ‘relationships’ that are little

more than animal couplings with zero responsibility and complete freedom.

Men and women living together unmarried is defined as a ’lifestyle

choice’ as are interracial and gay and lesbian couplings.

Added to this is the extreme materialism pervading our Judeocentric

culture, wherein white men will demand (and receive) sexual favors for

outlays of cash in one form or another, while white women will withhold

sexual favors unless and until their aforesaid perception of ‘security’

and ’total fulfillment’ is handsomely met.

In the recent past and for most of white history, the white family unit

was the norm. It provided stability for the culture and for society

and transmitted healthy racial values and behavioral norms generationally.

But today we live in a ‘divorce culture’ wherein a majority of marriages

become divorces, where vows are ‘just words’, and where children grow up

with single parents and live dysfunctional lives.

Many men see what happens to other men in divorce proceedings. They

see men stripped of their homes, separated from their children, and

turned into ‘disposable’ dads wherein they become ‘wallets’ instead of

individuals helping to raise their own children. They want no part of that

process and become reluctant to enter into serious relationships, let

alone marriage.

Women and girls are deluged with endless television programming in

which white men are portrayed as predators, wife-beaters, seeking to

dominate and exploit women, even murdering them. They too see the

skyrocketing divorce rates. Many of them wish to avoid serious relationships

and marriage because of these exaggerated dangers and risks.

Further complicating this is the growing prevalence of white men simply

giving up on their women and seeking mates from overseas. White men

pursuing and marrying non-white women from the Philippines, China, Latin

America, or elsewhere, is one consequence of the ‘princess’ mentality

so frequently indulged by white women. These ‘princesses’ often only

discover far too late that their expectations were unreasonable, and

they remain single all their lives. Meanwhile white men who marry

non-whites often find their lives frustrating and the racial/cultural divide

too vast to bridge, ultimately resulting in divorce.

The relationship of man-wife has become increasingly unstable. Single

parenthood is today more the norm than the exception. Women are taught

that they can ‘have it all’ on their own: complete freedom, their own

empowerment and independence, total control over their children (if they

have any), and the power - thanks to chauvinist/misandrist courts -

to jettison fathers/husbands and reduce them to the status of distant,

disempowered wallets. Government itself enshrines this by becoming

ersatz husband and father, providing an array of programs and subsidies to

single mothers, as well as special protections and powers given the

mother to control the lives of herself, her children, and even much of the

life (and income) of the ex-husband/father.

All of this is disastrous for our race and future.

White men and white women have probably never led more unhappy lives,

more frustrating lives, or experienced as much bitterness and confusion

about relationships and gender issues as today.

A relationship today can be just about anything. Any gender, any race,

any age, and the relationship itself for any purpose. The very idea

of a relationship predicated on responsibility both to one’s race as

well as to each other is considered anathema to many, as something

strange and alien.

This also applies to the family. The traditional family has now been

largely displaced by the ‘sort of’ family. For example, in this family

a father is not needed anymore and if one must be there at all, he can

be anyone: a boyfriend, a new husband, someone of the same gender, a

neighbor, a teacher, anyone at all. Even the children can be anyone.

They can be adoptees from the other side of the world and from a totally

alien race.

The less inherent meaning and purposeful value that a relationship, a

marriage, or a family are given today, the easier their breakup or

prevention in the first place. Jewish deconstructionism has worked to

make white relationships meaningless.

It is up to white racialists to set a standard here, to set an example.

To understand race values and what serves the race and what retards

its interests. To have the courage to stand against Judeocentric

anti-values, to speak up, to not move with the trendy herd but instead to

adopt race-affirming lifestyles for other whites to see and to emulate.

It is possible to merge the best race-serving elements of white tradition

with respect to courtship, marriage, and family, while at the same

time strongly infusing race values into each element. To adopt the best

personal attitude and sense of responsibility, to live one’s life in the best

and most healthy eugenic manner and regardless of how others view this.

Most white people today are confused and unhappy in all matters related

to relationships, and seek something better. They need to see a white

racialist model of relationships, of marriage, and of family life that works,

and that represents something positive and desirable to them. It is up to

each individual racialist to make those choices and to work to provide

those models.

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