Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jews and their 'Funny Money'

There's one thing among many others that the Jews have always striven to do throughout history wherever they've settled, and that is to gain control of the financial system and debase the currency of the particular realm in question.

We had a pretty cast iron guarantee against this all the time our Western currencies were pegged to the Gold Standard and the issue of banknotes had to be backed 100% by the equivalent value in central banks' physical gold holdings.

But the Jews didn't like the concept. They told us it restricted growth, held back our economic development and their precious world trade, and that we could do much better by breaking the link and adopting a 'fiat' monetary system instead.

Since the self-Chosen ones always get their way, this is what we did, as did many other countries in the West. The new system relied simply in people's FAITH in the value of the currency (hence the term 'fiat' from the Latin) - and it's been downhill ever since.

Now in 2008 the REAL value of the dollar is inestimable to the vast majority of the people of this country and that includes the overwhelming majority of qualified economists! Its TRUE value is known only to a tiny fraction of a fraction of a fraction of one percent of the world's financiers.

Those in the know as to the real state of affairs are those lovable Illuminati Bankers you may have heard about. They and they alone know just exactly what the greenback in 2008 is worth - and I'll tell you right now that it's a LOT less than is commonly believed, notwithstanding its recent substantial depreciation.

The securities and exchange business has become HORRIBLY COMPLEX since the gold peg was dispensed with. The changeover to Fiat money afforded all sorts of weird and wonderful mechanisms for the creation of credit through all manner of exoticly-named instruments - and the opportunity was quickly and thoroughly seized upon!

These developments brought with them a truly magnificent opportunity to obfuscate a currency's underlying absolute value in relation to a REAL asset such as gold, platinum, or a barrel of oil. But it didn't stop there, for soon afterwards came hedge funds and derivatives trading which further muddied the waters.

The mortgage lending debacle has given us some measure of insight into what the bankers have been playing at with our once-glittering economy. Securities in general have become nightmarishly complex and their constituent elements highly dubious and their fundamental, core values utterly obscured. How far departed from reality they have become is now anyone's guess.

This total lack of transparency has proved a priceless gift for the Illuminati Bankers. It has enabled them to plunder the coffers of countries like the US, Britain and Germany without anyone really noticing. Daily we look in the Wall Street Journal and see the stock and mutual fund prices and we simply accept them as genuine. In reality, however, they're just numbers on a piece of paper - like our banknotes!

My firm suspicion is that 2008 will be the year in which all this unchecked crookedness comes crashing down around our ears. The eventual fallout could be HUGE. What's the value of the derivatives market alone currently? Over 500 TRILLION dollars? Yes! Is that a lot of money? It sure SOUNDS like a lot, but just tell me this: what's a dollar ACTUALLY worth? I mean, what's it *REALLY* WORTH?

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