Monday, March 3, 2008

The Metamorphosis

This is a necessarily inchoate essay in which I invite others with more trenchant minds to ponder on an enigma that has baffled me for decades. I shall try to frame this puzzle as succinctly as possible. Those of us 'in the know' are aware that there are three broad classes of leaders in the West: the innocent, the slavishly pro-Israel and the actively pro-Israel. The question that we pose here is concerned solely with the first category and for the sake of simplicity, we'll consider only those persons who still have some presence on the world stage.

Consider first George W. Bush. By common consent he is America's Worst Ever President. He is an as-yet unindicted war criminal. He has unapologetically spilled the blood of thousands of innocent Americans in the interests of Israel. First, there was the 9/11 atrocity, then the illegal war against Iraq that followed it, then the incursion into Afghanistan. Iran looks likely to be next.

Next, consider Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain. He is Bush's co-accused. Like Bush, he has the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. He was instrumental in the 'rush to war' against Iraq that occurred after the publication of the so-called 'dodgy dossier' - a fabricated Jewish document containing the explicit LIE that Saddam Hussein had access to "weapons of mass destruction."

Herein lies the mystery: these two vengeful entities; war criminals; call them what you will, were both, at the outset of their leadership terms, largely unconcerned with the machinations of the Middle East. Bush gave us to understand that he didn't give a damn about Israel and it would have to deal with its own problems without American assistance.

Blair was if anything, sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians when he won power in Britain in 1997. His wife, Cherie, in fact remained similarly inclined for many years subsequent to his election victory, to the extent of getting into trouble with the jewsmedia for her off-hand, unguarded remarks on the subject.

So what changed in the minds of these men? 'Bush the Indifferent' and Blair (dubbed 'Bambi' by the national press for his wide-eyed innocence in the early days of his rule). It were as if both of them were taken aside; whisked into secret chamber and had secret knowledge revealed to them about the supreme, over-arching importance of the (psudeo) 'state of Israel'.

What on earth can they have been told? Was it a threat, an inducement, a Bible reading, a bribe, the conjuration of a demon or what?? What on earth can it be that transformed two one-time non-partisans into hateful, pro-Zionist warmongers?
If we go back further in time, we can see evidence of this metamorphosis in earlier leaders, too. What can it possibly be that the Jews reveal to our leaders that so radically changes their mindset, changing potentially good, peaceful men into perfect apostles of Satan?


vlad said...

Im thinking that a special screening of the secret private depravities of our exhalted leaders, setup and captured for posterity by the Ziostanis, would be more than enough to push even the most reluctant into the arms of Aipac.
But alas, the law of averages would suggest that they cant all be bent can they.......can they???

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Matamoros, the Devil cult on the Texas/Mexican border where Bush was rumoured to have been involved in sadistic ritual killings and rape/torture. Inasmush, recall that George Bush Jr. also pardoned only one man ever as Governor on death row, Henry Lee Lucas, who was also rumoured to have been involved in these Satanic cults and just may have been allowed to live out his last days in return for his silence.....