Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Jews hate YOU!

Yes, YOU! Unless you're one of the "Chosen People" yourself, the Jews genuinely HATE and despise YOU with every atom of their twisted beings.

This somewhat startling revelation is INVARIABLY hard for the normal, sane, run-of-the-mill human being to get their head around. After all, the rational mind opines that to be hated, one must have done something utterly reprehensible to warrant such a passionate emotional response from a fellow human. Illogical, groundless hate is the province of the Nazis - and certainly never history's eternal scapegoats, the Jews?

The understandable disbelief that this shocking headline claim gives rise to can be put down to what psychologists call the phenomenon of 'projection' - it's a characteristic the Jews are well aware of and use ruthlessly to cloak themselves. However, paradoxically, they themselves are also victims of 'reflex-projection' - hence their inherent tendency towards paranoia, persecution mania, and other forms of psychotic illness. They likewise hang their own deceit and unpleasantness onto everyone else. Small wonder then that they always feel they're victims.

Of all the obstacles one must, as a Jew-aware evangelist, overcome in spreading the message abroad, this one is by far the toughest. And it's entirely understandable! After all, if someone has never, ever met you, spoken to you nor even seen you on TV, yet they nevertheless detest you to an extent whereby they would happily dance on your grave having throttled you to death with their bare hands, such groundless hatred is naturally incomprehensible to the normal, healthy mind.

Any rational newcomer to conspiracy theorism will by this point have concluded that the theorists are a bunch of crazy, delusional Nazi types that have lost all contact with reality. This kind of reaction is only to be expected. Yet we haven't even ventured into the horrors of the TRULY dark side of Judaism. It's best not to at this stage, either, lest it appear that WE are in reality the evil ones with the sick minds, attributing untold, unspeakable evils to poor, innocent, persecuted Jews!

The fact is that whatever 'nice Jews' say to the contrary, they as a race, hate, loath and despise us all. Liberals who are foolish enough to stick up for them they likewise have nothing but contempt for; it's strange but true that the only way one can hope to get a Jew to take one seriously and to gain his grudging respect, is to become Jew-aware and start spewing some unpalatable facts about these vipers. Just remember, THEY originally started this whole "hate thing" they're always accusing others of - they and they alone!

At the conclusion of this short item, a pithy quote seems apposite:

"An 'anti-Semite' is simply a fully-informed Liberal" - Phaedrus. And that, in a nutshell, is all anyone needs to remember.


Anonymous said...

"Yes, YOU! Unless you're one of the "Chosen People" yourself, the Jews genuinely HATE and despise YOU with every atom of their twisted beings."

They most ASSUREDLY do...The only consolation I can find is that for we rare enlightened gentiles aware of this menace in our midst, the feelings are genuinely MUTUAL. Only ours doesn't come from being "twisted" but rather from rationality and self-preservation.

Love your writing, Phaedrus. Keep up the great work.

Voir Dire

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