Monday, March 10, 2008

A most profitable 'Precipitating Event' indeed!

Despite the fact that the machinations of world Jewry and the NWO occupies so much of my waking time, I can't help feeling that on occasions, I'm as half-asleep as the bulk of the sheeple in this country. When I recently wrote about the likelihood of 'special prisons' already being in existence and that all that was required to fill them was the arrival of a government-contrived 'precipitating event', it never occurred to me that said event might ALREADY be well underway.

Since 9/11 I have always envisioned more of the same kind of one-off spectaculars - like the rumored dirty bomb attack on Portland last year (aborted presumably because news of its impending execution was leaked onto the internet.) What kind of insane idea would they come up with next, for God’s sake?? Such vile schemes are so far beyond the comprehension of an innocent mind that I was at a complete loss for an answer. Nevertheless, it never entered my head that it would be anything other than another breathtaking, one-off stunt in the style of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Over this weekend, however, I've been giving the matter more thought. One must never lose sight of the fact that the vampires that conceive such Evil against us cannot resist making BIG bucks out of their foreknowledge - Larry Silverstein's half-billion profit from his insurance payout on the Towers and the other vultures who short-sold or bought put options in airline stock on the run-up to the 2001 attacks. The temptation to make a quick killing from inside information has always proved an irresistible temptation for the Jews and others of the same greed-driven, twisted mindset.

So now I'm thinking maybe this much anticipated catalyst could instead be the collapse of the dollar and the resulting catastrophic economic meltdown. If the greenback continues to slide, the pressure to dump it as a reserve currency from some quarters will become irresistible. And not just the usual suspects, either. Already now and for some time, you cannot pay to enter India's Taj Mahal with dollar bills; the Indians will no longer accept them since they have become increasingly worthless outside the US. And India has no beef with us unlike some other countries who will be increasingly pressured into pricing their commodities in an alternative currency for the same reason.

The consequences for the American economy of the abandonment of the dollar would be extremely severe, ushering in a period of economic malaise which would make the Great Depression look like a mild recession. It is inevitable that a collapse of this magnitude would give rise to the most enormous amount of social and civil unrest, requiring the imposition by our government of its much longed-for martial law regime. And it wouldn't appear the least bit suspicious given the severity of the situation! Such a collapse within virtually ANY country gives rise to utter chaos. They'd HAVE to do it or the whole country would descend into total anarchy.

It would be an extremely neat and profitable little trick. If one knew for sure that this is what they're up to; hemorrhaging money right left and center to clean out the Federal Reserve and make the US the world's biggest debtor nation in history, then those in the know could make the most ASTRONOMICAL profit out of it. Mind-blowing sums! And as incredible as it may seem, so many signs are pointing towards it. The really smart money has already fled the dollar and dollar-denominated securities. The less smart money is catching on fast, however, and the slide continues apace.

Phaedrus cannot say for certain whether the above scenario will play out as mooted. Only the privileged few close to the top know what the real score is with our troubled economy. But the mis-management has gone way beyond mere incompetence, so it's hard not to conclude that there's some malicious and purposeful intent at work here, especially when one factors in Greenspan's recent appeal to the oil-producing Gulf states to ditch the dollar. "What was THAT all about??" you may justifiably ask. Does he know something that the rest of us don't? We can only speculate - and doubtless so will a great many of a different kind of speculator.


Anonymous said...

Phaedrus - you are probably correct. The jewsmedia hardly mentions the capital impaired banks and the collapsing dollar. Furthermore, the news in Zionist occupied countries attempts to depict all Americans as spend thrifts and war mongers. This is the end game for the zionistas, the plan is to scuttle America. They are aware that the host knows something is afoul.

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

I am inclined to agree. Certainly the looting of our coffers that has always been a fact of life for us has reached proportions which have gone beyond insane. If you're going to kill the goose, you may as well go the whole way. My 6th sense tells me something will trigger in September this year. We shall see.