Monday, March 3, 2008

A Plea for Clemency for Chemical Ali!

Here at World Peace, we tirelessly work towards the end of all wars. In order to achieve this objective, of course, it is necessary to remove the Jew from all positions of public influence throughout the world, as has recently been successfully implemented in the democratically advanced country of Russia.

The Iraqi man dubbed "Chemical Ali" in the Western media has been sentenced to death for no crime at all! He has been pronounced guilty of murdering thousands of Kurdish people by means of poison gas, when he was only trying to protect his country from the ravages of 'Islamic Zionists' for want of a better term - that were hell-bent on destroying it.

Ali has done nothing remotely as criminal as George Bush or Tony Blair. He was fighting a ruthless EXTERNAL enemy, and not attempting to kill his own people as Bush and Blair have; yet he is condemned to die for his patriotic actions.

It is a strange and deeply unsatisfactory world indeed when a patriot like Ali is put to the sword when true SCUM - war criminals - like Bush and Blair are lauded in the jewsmedia for their not existent "peace initiatives" in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Iraqis: Phaedrus begs you to spare the life of this patriot. Whatever Ali did was in the best interests of your country at that time. The Kurds are a pain in the ass. Ali was right to take the course of action that he did, just as Turkey is right to pursue the same enemy in the north west of your country right now. Please, please, please let Ali live!

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