Friday, March 7, 2008

Are the 'Special Prisons' Already Here?

It is a widely anticipated indicator of the final stages of the full implementation of the New World Order Agenda in America - that there will be an upsurge in prison-building. Those in the Power Elite know that many of us won't be going without a fight. It's simply BOUND to get ugly. Too many dissidents have been warning their fellow citizens of what Uncle Sam is really up to. Growing numbers of newly-awoken activists are in turn, spreading the word further and so the process goes on. The government cannot say with any certainty whatsoever how many of us who have awoken to the Agenda there are today and how many of us there will be tomorrow. That there will be more, many more, as time goes on is inevitable - all other things being equal.

But these numbers are inestimable. Counting the number of anti-NWO web sites there are won‘t help. Counting the number of follow-ups people leave on anti-NWO blogs and discussion forums won‘t help, either. For very understandable reasons, the vast majority of readers of these sites are simply lurkers in search of the truth. They are pretty much invisible, particularly if they read only in internet cafes and use onion routers/proxy servers and so forth. But they’re out there, across the world, and they’re REAL – and a serious potential threat to One World Government.

Let us put ourselves in the position of the enemy (our Big Brother government) for a moment. They need to build a large number of secure prisons for an unknown and growing number of political dissidents and they don't have much time left. NWO theorists tell us that these will most likely be tucked away, as one might expect, in remote areas of the country. However, in the age of the internet, the sudden building of large numbers of prisons which remain unused for many months would be regarded as suspicious enough to warrant comment by the sparse, rural, neighboring communities. It would be all over the Web in no time. So there has to be a way of rolling out the prison building program which doesn't arouse suspicion.

Perhaps an answer lies in the increased use of jail sentences for the pettiest of offenders. It could easily be sold to the public as the government being 'tough on crime' – simply adopting an extension of the 'zero tolerance' and 'three-strikes' initiatives. Jailing people for pissing on the sidewalk, stealing a slice of pizza, jaywalking or whatever would swell the seemingly legitimate demand for prison places like nothing else. More and more jails would be packed out with more and more 'criminals' and the government would get a great big pat on the back for not being soft on crime. But I guess you can see where this is heading already, can't you?

Following the eagerly-awaited 'precipitating event' the president would immediately avail himself of the full provisions of the Patriot Act(s). Depending on the mood of the nation and how many people have woken up by that time, the result of the sudden implementation of these draconian powers would lead to some level of what can only be described as civil war. People who refuse to give up their guns and submit to Fed tyranny, survivalists who dress up in fatigues and hide out in the woods, members of the Militias and others who're simply too smart for their own good would quickly be 'taken out' if at all possible. This might enrage the sleepwalkers who then finally realized what the game is and they then suddenly become enemies of the state as well. Huge numbers of people are instantly criminalized and who must be imprisoned under the new 'state of emergency.'

You can guess what happens next. To make room for all these new 'criminals' the jails will be emptied of all petty offenders; they'll get paroled and think themselves most fortunate, no doubt - and they’ll probably remain ignorant of the crucial role they played in facilitating this major plank in the NWO's conquest of America. Given that time is not on the government's side for a number of reasons, I suspect 2008 will be a year of tribulation for us. All the signs point to it. Now, has anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary in prison-building, prison numbers or composition of inmates over recent years? Have a think about it....


Anonymous said...

The prisons are already in place. They can release the drug offenders that were prosecuted under draconian laws...Many of them. Also, look at former INS holding facilities.

Skeptikos said...

They also could release all the brown people who whites whites, provide them with weapons, and unleash them on the white civil population!

Divide and rule!

Anonymous said...


You are dead-on as usual. And the provisions are already in place under tyrant Bush. Dr. Jerome Corsi, who bless his patriot soul, is right about everything but the jews, has scrutized carefully the following developments (and in his recent book about the NWO, "The Late, Great USA," had to sue to get documentation from the fed's regarding the SPP, and got unmercifully audited for his trouble - a weapon our federal Leviathan has wielded against perceived enemies for decades). Doubless because he KNOWS he's likely to be one such subject they'll have in mind.

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