Monday, March 3, 2008

Towards a New Democracy: the Russian Model

Sunday's election in Russia has proved to be an outstanding success. We know this to be an indisputable fact, since there has been the most enormous amount of pissing, whining, moaning and bitching about it in the mainstream jewsmedia.

Those in the know are already aware that whatever is good for the Jews is bad news for the rest of us. And since this tiny minority of around 1% of the world's population deserves no voice, Russian democracy serves the bulk of the people very well indeed by totally excluding them from the electoral process.

So what is Russia's secret? Basically, it is this: you can vote for whoever you like, so long as it's not a Jew. All shades of the political spectrum are represented, from left-leaning Liberal pro EU to ultra-nationalist despot; but one thing no one can vote for is a Jew.

Russia has learned a valuable lesson that we in the West have yet to take on board: Jews are parasites. They ruin any country they infest. In the early 1990s, the Jewish robber barons stripped Russia of what they believed to be its entire mineral wealth and gleefully fled abroad to pursue other aims, in the belief that their former host was terminal.

That was the Russia of Boris Yeltsin. The wreckage of his era was cleared up by Vladimir Putin. In only 8 short years, Putin restored Russia to its former glory. It is now the world's glittering showpiece of capitalist success. And the Jews, who left this once moribund country for new lives in the West, want another snort of the trough.

But they've been denied. Russia has learned its lesson. Russia knows that the Jew is poison to its future. The Jewish scumbags that looted the country for untold billions will never again be permitted to return to feast on what was - as little as 15 years ago - a seemingly rotting corpse.

This is the lesson we MUST learn in America and Europe. No member of the 'self-chosen' should EVER be allowed to take ANY position in public life. The history of this miserable race of parasites screams out at us to exclude them, not only for our sakes, but for theirs too. They are not only their own worst enemies, they are ours too.

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