Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Huxley Warned Us: Part 12

Aldous Huxley:

"Under the relentless thrust of accelerating overpopulation and increas­ing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms - elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest - will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial ­but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-­manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit."

Once again, time has proved the great visionary spot-on. The maintenance of these 'props of democracy' is simply a sham which purports to confer some legitimacy to what is wholly illegitimate. The US and many other Western countries are run on behalf of, and in the interests of, World Jewry. However it may appear and whatever our so-called 'leaders' tell us, that is what is ultimately behind the elaborate charade that democracy has become. The interests of you and me and our people count for nothing. We're just here to be taxed and to furnish them substance. Our so-called 'leaders' make promises they never keep just to get elected. Once elected, they get back to serving their true masters for their own naked self-enrichment and aggrandizement - and the rest of us can go to hell in a handbasket:

"How can we control the vast impersonal forces that now menace our hard-won freedoms? On the verbal level and in general terms, the question may be answered with the utmost ease. Consider the problem of overpopulation. Rapidly mounting human numbers are pressing ever more heavily on natural resources. What is to be done? Obviously we must, with all possible speed, reduce the birth rate to the point where it does not exceed the death rate. At the same time we must, with all possible speed, increase food production, we must institute and implement a world-wide policy for conserving our soils and our forests, we must develop practical substitutes, preferably less dangerous and less rapidly exhaustible than uranium, for our present fuels; and, while husbanding our dwindling resources of easily available minerals, we must work out new and not too costly methods for extracting these minerals from ever poorer and poorer ores - the poorest ore of all being sea water. But all this, needless to say, is almost infinitely easier said than done. The annual increase of numbers should be reduced. But how? We are given two choices - famine, pestilence and war on the one
hand, birth control on the other"

Of course the overpopulation problem has grown very much worse since Huxley wrote these words fifty years ago. A population reduction in the order of perhaps as much as 80% is now required. That's BILLIONS of people we're talking about. And this is what the agents of the NWO are secretively working towards. Clearly they're not interested in Huxley's birth control solution, as the flagrant encouragement of casual free sex and racial interbreeding in the popular media attests. That leaves us with famine, pestilence and war. No big surprise here! For a race of people that has always found the stench of rotting goyim flesh appealing, I think we could have seen it coming.

Phaedrus does not wish to appear like some Bible-thumping religious nut, but there is something disturbingly similar between Judaism and Satanism. Harold Rosenthal breezily admitted over 30 years ago (somewhat ill-advisedly in hindsight given the advent of the Internet) that the God of the Jews is actually Lucifer. When we see the works of these people given free reign, as in Palestine, it isn't difficult to form the view that there's something distinctly evil about them and their mindset. How the hell we permit such entities to have vast and over-arching influence in our day-to-day lives is one of world's great mysteries. THEY MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL.

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