Sunday, March 30, 2008

A heart-warming tale from across the pond...

Here's a little something that the fat-cat Jewish policy-makers in the European Union clearly overlooked when they gleefully encouraged mass immigration of Polish workers into Britain in a bid to ease labor shortages and to drive British wages down: the Poles are cluing-up the Brits on the real nature of the Jews! And there's now close on a million of them living in Britain to do it!

Anti-Semitism is healthily rife in Poland, as it always has been. There isn't the same taboo over the discussion of the Jewish Problem that there is in many other countries. And my sources inform me that the revelations imparted by the Poles to the native Brits about the true nature of the Tribe of Israel are being very well-received indeed by increasing numbers of incredulous Brits!

The time was when the vast majority of British people were entirely ignorant in the ways of the Jew, beyond the harmless stereotypical characteristics of them having big noses and tight wallets. But that is now changing and a new Jew-awareness is sweeping the country. Now there's an unfortunate consequence the NWO borderless-world-elite obviously hadn't considered before they tore down Europe's frontiers!

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