Monday, November 5, 2007

Jews - are they Fundamentally Evil?

It probably comes down to how one defines "evil" in the final analysis. But consider the matter carefully. Think long and hard about it because it's a seriously important question which ultimately should inform our decision as to what to do about the jewish Problem.

Most folks just want to get on peacefully with their neighbors, but the more one reads about the long and troubling history of the Jews, the more one has to doubt this benign ideology is applicable in their case.

This is the chief underlying reason that Phaedrus put forward the solution of the compulsory sterilization of all Jews in an earlier essay. There is no other solution that is 100% peaceful, yet 100% effective. Phaedrus is, if nothing else, a peace-seeking person, as are most Gentiles. This solution may strike some as excessively heavy-handed, but consider where we're at today thanks to the Tribe of Israel:-

*9/11: nearly three thousand Americans deliberately sacrificed in one day simply to justify the illegal invasion of an Innocent country and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of more innocent men, women and children.

*A Fucked up society where marriage breakdown, teenage delinquency, abortion and homosexuality are now considered 'normal.'

*New World Order: the systematic demolition of all national boundaries and the promotion of massive uncontrolled immigration in pursuit of the Jews' dream of a unitary world government run by them and a planet without frontiers.

*Racial equality: the promotion of the erroneous belief that there's no fundamental difference between blacks and whites and that interracial relationships are the 'modern way' to go.

*Dollar value: heading south for the foreseeable future largely due to the hemorrhaging of cash to fund foreign wars and to prop up 'Israel.'

*Globalization and its destruction of the world's environment and the ruination of the quality of life for Americans at home who have to compete with Chinese peasants earning a dollar a day.

*Terrorism/war for terror: the active ENCOURAGEMENT and facilitation of terrorism against Americans at home so we'll sign ever more of our rights away and willingly accept, ultimately, rule by presidential decree and the imposition of martial law.

*A 24/7 diet of Trash TV from the jewsmedia, constantly reinforcing the NWO agenda to the detriment of decent, moral values and wholesome, educative entertainment. Former positive, white role models replaced by 'totally blinged-out gangstas' with filthy mouths and mannerisms to lead our youth astray.

*Destruction of Christianity: The effacement of our faith and the ridicule heaped upon its devotees and adherents and the flagrant subversion of the religious festival of Christmas into the year's biggest consumer binge and orgy of gluttony and overindulgence.

*Theft of democracy. Those that control the media (the Jews) also control the Government. No one gets the exposure they need in the national media to succeed in politics unless they prostitute themselves and their beliefs for the interests of the Jews.

My friends, there is a very real risk that if this breed is not 'taken out' of our lives altogether, that it really WILL someday enslave each and every one of us, for the Jews believe that it is their destiny to do so. It is, in fact, written in their so-called Holy book, the Talmud that the rest of us "have been created to serve [them] as slaves."

We find ourselves in the same position that others around the world have found themselves in throughout history - wondering how this small tribe of seemingly benign wandering nomads whom we admitted in good faith, have stolen everything from under our noses and turned our world completely upside down. We need a bold initiative that will prevent this situation from EVER arising again - anywhere on earth.