Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funny, isn't it?

Funny how Nazi Germany's treatment of the Jews during WW2 still receives saturation press and TV attention and has been called a crime against humanity; genocide; the Holocaust, yet nothing is ever said about the Jews' far worse and on-going repression, starvation and extermination of the Palestinian people.

Funny how Saudi Arabia (despite its unspeakably vile record on human rights) receives NO criticism whatsoever from the Western media and governments, and has corruption investigations against it conveniently blocked by its Western accomplices.

Funny how China (the antithesis of every democratic freedom and repressor of Tibet) gets the easy treatment and is only ever criticized - if ever - for the value of its currency and its negative contribution to America's trade deficit.

Funny how the repressive (so-called) "State of Israel" is able to murder Arab children on a daily basis and erect the highest wall between different races imaginable but if anyone else did likewise it would be dubbed "seperatism" and an unacceptable manifestation of apartheid hatred.

Funny how the US State Department ALWAYS vetoes any UN resolution condemning 'Israel' for killing innocent Palestinian men, women and children, and grabbing their land, notwithstanding worldwide international opprobrium.

Funny how we've become a terrorist target due to our slavish, unquestioning support for the murderous, illegal, bankrupt, pseudo-state of 'Israel' and our endless bankrolling of same.

Funny how being a potential terrorist target results in our hard-won rights and freedoms being whittled away by successive passages of legislation designed to 'protect' us from a threat that our own government has wantonly (perhaps even deliberately) brought upon us.

Funny, isn't it?