Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kasparov attacks Russia (AGAIN)

There's nothing like a prosperous, orderly and well-run country where the vast majority of people are highly satisfied with their government to tempt the Jews out in force to wreck things and bring about rapid and irreversible ruin. Such is sadly the case in Russia today.

Phaedrus has previously reported on this blog that Russia is under attack from the International Jew. Now, yet again, grubby Jew/ex-chess champion Gary Kasparov has been agitating on the streets of Moscow, trying to raise his revolting profile ahead of the country's elections, which are due to take place in the not-too-distant future.

As a result he has now been arrested (again) for holding (another)unauthorized demonstration. He has as a result been jailed for a mere 5 days, so don't expect to have heard the last of him and his Jewish crony backers in London and Washington.

Kasparov's public performances at these rallies more and more mirror those of the Bolsheviks of pre-Revolutionary Russia. The ugly, snub-nosed little worm is a deeply unpleasant orator to have to watch in action. Regular readers will know that Phaedrus doesn't advocate violence, but if someone were to slip Kasparov a dose of Polonium 210, there would be few tears shed over this keyboard.