Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Social Engineering and Thought Control

Some half a century ago, the great writer and visionary, Aldous Huxley warned us that the age of the 'social engineer' was upon us. Today we know, to our considerable cost, that this far-sighted prophesy has been proven totally correct. Social engineering is the process by which the authorities hope to mold our minds to a totally different pattern of thinking in order that the despicable aims of the New World Order may be more vigorously pressed forward.

The proponents of social engineering find their platform through many outlets. NWO ideology infests our schools, big business and the mass media. It informs local, national and international governmental bodies in decision-making at every level. The NWO agenda is so devastatingly simple it can be summed up comprehensively on just one side of A4 paper. But for an ultra-concise summary of its key aims, kindly absorb just the following paragraph:-

Its core aims are the elimination of all borders; the creation of ever-larger free trade blocs with universal standards and laws that will, as time passes, be merged into a unified whole - a worldwide political Pangea. Furthermore, the encouragement of massive migration of peoples of every race in order that indigenous cultures around the world are wiped out. And - the unquestioned adoption of Globalization regardless of the social and environmental consequences; the elimination of the world's remaining pure races - excepting that of the Jews, of course, who will ultimately run this new dystopia for their own, sole benefit.

The above points constitute far too much to consider in one single essay, so it has been Phaedrus' chosen methodology to highlight individual facets of these various pernicious forces one at a time. The subject on this occasion is that of mass migration and how the agents of the NWO fraudulently sell this ruinous concept to the rest of us. To pull this off requires the misapplication of established scientific method.

One technique behavioral psychologists have developed in dealing with refractory children is to pretend their past has been wiped clean and by so doing, put them back into a position of absolute trust. An unruly child who suddenly finds that his 'imperfect past' is conveniently set aside and that he's now trusted and respected can become instantly and dramatically better behaved. Unlike before, he now risks LOSING something of great value (his new unblemished character)if he doesn't now tow the line.

The social engineers working towards the NWO have cunningly extended this devious and remarkably effective technique from mere individual children to entire mature POPULATIONS. The success they have enjoyed in using this method with mere children has emboldened them to expand the concept from micro to MACRO. Hence we now have this entirely false ideology foisted on entire, developed nations.

Take Switzerland, for example. The Swiss electorate recently elected the right-of-center 'Swiss People's Party' - they're tough on illegal immigration and have promised to deport foreign crooks that have sneaked over the country's borders - an eminently sensible policy as I'm sure we all agree. But it was a major poke in the eye for the proponents of the NWO...

Why? Because NWO mouthpieces had tried on the run-up to the election to discredit the Swiss People's Party by claiming that their stance was disgracefully retrogressive for a tolerant society like the Swiss. This claim was accepted by a lot of folks. "Yeah, we shouldn't blow our reputation for tolerance," they said. But if they'd only stop for a moment and THINK... since when has 'tolerance' ever been a Swiss characteristic??

Switzerland is surrounded by mountains and narrow passes. It has bridges that can be blown up within minutes if the country is ever threatened by foreign invasion. Its people are compelled by LAW to keep arms and ammunition at home to defend the country! The Swiss are famous only for their fierce independence and insularity against the outside world and that is what has made them great. Tolerance is NOT a quality one associates with the Swiss and this isolationist stance has served them very well indeed for over 300 years.

However, the NWO ascribes ALL Western countries today with the label "tolerant" no matter how dark their histories may be. Tolerance is a huge virtue nowadays, we are constantly told. A positive quality that may be swept away in the blink of an eye if ever any single country steps out of line and fails to tow the NWO line. Another prime example of this is method in action is Austria, which a few years ago elected a 'far right' leader called jorg Heider. All of a sudden, Austria too "ruined its reputation for decency and tolerance" by audaciously electing a patriotic Austrian. The EU even called for the result to be overturned! So much democracy, then.

The bitter truth for the NWO adherents is that the most successful races in history have been the most IN-tolerant ones who swiftly showed newcomers the door. The Jews would have us believe otherwise, because it furthers their twisted ambitions. 'Bestowing false reputations on countries' is just another Jewish/NWO control mechanism to make us behave the way THEY want us to. So please let's not fall for it!

They are so bloody-mindedly arrogant they even have the audacity to impose the methodology of child psychology on adults and expect that not one of us 'Goyim' spots it. Phaedrus has no hesitation in exposing herewith yet another Jew-contrived social engineering scam.